The Dubliners flee to Portugal


Hola everyone, today I’ve got some photos from a flight I did yesterday. I took the wonderful citizens of Dublin to Faro so they can get away from the Irish weather, even though it’s basically the warmest time of the year for the Irish. They’re headed down to the sunny beaches of Portugal! Anyways, I love the Aer Lingus livery, and had to take photos. Anyways, here are the results! Enjoy :)

The wonderful A330 getting the cargo loaded 📦

Taxiing out to 28L, no idea when 28R will be finished 🔨

Crossing 34, which I’m pretty sure is closed atm ❌

Rotating at the end of the runway, since I misjudged my takeoff thrust 🤓

Shamrock airborne 🛫

Low over the threshold because I can’t estimate takeoff thrust ✈️

Banking away from Dublin 🍻

Fast forward and we’re over Portugal 🇵🇹


Sunrise, on my shoulders, makes me happy ☀️

Missing, but at the same time not missing the Emerald Isle ☘️

Anyways, the Dubliners are happy and enjoying their vacation, and that about wraps up the topic! I hope you enjoyed, seeya later.


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i would like to thank you on behalf of the irish mr aviation108infiniteflightphotography

just pretend im irish


Oooo, what pretty clovers I see here. Lovely photos!

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You are welcome’nt

Why thank you :)


Does it count if I’m 25% Irish?

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Of course, of course. I’m like 2% Irish

Great shots!

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This topic has some awesome photos! Absolutely lovely shots, nice job!

Besides, I’m half Irish… so I kinda half to like it.


Outstanding pictures @Aviation108 just outstanding

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