Hello, IFC!

How are you doing? For some of you, it’s the weekend! For others, you’re almost there! Good news either way, right?

Here are a few pictures of one of my favorite GA airplanes, the Robin DR400.
These were taken at LFPL (Lognes). I hope you enjoy these!

F-GDES, waiting for a flight with a beautiful (relatively) new paint scheme and a fresh wash! It’s absolutely spotless :D

F-GORD, an absolutely stunning DR400-180. This is definitely one of the most beautiful liveries I’ve seen on this plane.

Face to face with the beast

Peeking into the cockpit

A little show of lights during the walk around

And one last picture (I may have over-photographed this one)

Anyways, here’s F-GIKP, a DR400-120 doing a go around (with a friendly wing-wave)

A very kind soul told me to take bad pictures and make them artistic, so here’s a picture that I thought was failed but am sharing anyways because the symbolism is very much present.

A two-in-one! How nice :D

Last but not least, F-GORQ doing a u-turn :)

Thanks for looking at these pictures!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Those reflections are just 🤌

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once again you have to read thst i agree with you

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Agreed, the canopy is amazing

Good haha :P

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Great photos! It’s indeed a beautiful aircraft!

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Amazing photos monsieur! Such a pretty little airplane. Nice topic to start off the weekend after a tough week.

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reflective 👍

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