The Doha Fly-Out ! @16DEC23


Doha it’s the capital city of Qatar 🇶🇦! The population is 1 million inhabitants, and it’s one of the beautiful city in the World !
Doha have the largest airport in Asia, it’s called Hamad International Airport!
And the company of Qatar is Qatar Airways with amazing fleet ! He can fly in Europe , Australia, North America, And South America!

Terminal B

Gate B1

Gate B2

Gate B3

Gate B4

Gate B5

Gate B6

Gate B7

Gate B8

Gate B9

Gate B10

Terminal C

Gate C1

Gate C3 B789 American Philadelphia @Helzluis

Gate C5

Gate C7

Gate C9

Gate C11

Gate C12


ATC Tower: N\A

ATC Departure: N\A

ATC Approach: N\A


ATC Ground: N\A

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • We are not responsible any violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom
  • Have fun!

Have fun !

would like to take this one, using a 789 by American going to Philadelphia as AAL121

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Sure Ok man !

You are sign up ! And very nice route.

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Bump event !

It is with great joy and happiness that we announce that the @QatariVirtual team will participate in this event! Thank you Qatari virtual , I’m so happy 😀!


Bump event more sign ups !

Today is event, make sure your gate and your destination!

The event has started!

I’m spawn right now at the gate !

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