The difference between yesterday and today at KMIA

Well here’s the difference in airport operations due to Hurricane Irma at KMIA.And just a note to all those Florida peeps, be safe tomorrow and Monday, if you don’t need to be out, then stay inside, listen to your local officials and to your parents or guardians, if you have to evacuate, then evacuate, Irma isn’t the storm to mess around with, I’m hoping each and everyone one of us can get through this alright!


Wait for the pictures to fully upload.
Plus I can already see the difference muscle on Flightradar24 so what’s the point in this topic?

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Wow MIA really has changed 😆


Yeah I noticed🙃 And well I don’t know, just wanted to show, is that an issue?

Yeah there’s no traffic because it’s a hurricane

(Not being sarcastic I just legtimately can’t say much more about it)

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Is this even… I mean… Why is this here?

Can someone delete this then?

No harm done. Maybe just put a little more thought into your next post :)