The difference between "1" and "01" runway numbers?

Over the past few months I have noticed that some of the runways with a number below 10 are being labelled as “1” rather than “01” (numbers are not specific, just an example). I have also noticed that the physical runway numbers that we see on the runway are all allocated a single digit (if it’s below 10). I thought the rule of thumb was that runways are all 2 digit. Has something changed or is this an error?

See the red numbers on the GPS approach.


@Max Sez. Below the numeral 10 a zero should proceed! Eg: Ref: FAR Chap2Sec3, Airport markings and signs or Wiki, Airport Markings

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There is no difference. It’s an error with the airport runway which I will fix later today. The runway is supposed to be “01”.

@Maxmustang, no need to pin this.


It’s not just that airport. I gave that as an example as I was nearby at the time.

I understand that. There have been instances where I’ve found airports similar to the one above. Thanks for reporting.

OK Freddie here goes the complete list:

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Are the "x"s shown meant to be unknown?

No actually the xs are a placeholder. Otherwise Excel tends to want to convert this into a date. The x would normally be a 0

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