The Development of a Better Training Server

I would like this to be a place where the developers & the Infinite Flight Community can civilly talk about the issues that we face playing, or controlling, on the Training Server.

There are 3 servers available. Casual, Training, & Expert. Of those three, two seem to have the exact same type of player.

  • Casual is obviously where one goes to play without breaking any rules or fear of any type of consequences.
  • Training is where a player, or controller, goes to train (otherwise known as learn) to the best of their abilities for the next server.
  • Expert is where you put your learned abilities to the test. Expert does not have the time to train pilots. You either know what your doing, or you get ghosted. I don’t think anyone thinks those rules are unfair.

The issue is with Training Server. Currently at popular airports, Training Server is Chaos. Many pilots do not respect others around them. Wether that be taxiing through aircraft, cutting in line, or not listening to fair ATC commands.

There are many pilots who treat Training Server as Casual Server. This is a issue because we have a server for pilots to fly on their free will.

If you intend to fly on Training and troll other pilots and controllers, this is a issue. It degrades the experience for pilots & Controllers who:

  1. Flying TS because they have not reached Grade 3 for ES
  2. Pilots who for one reason or another do not care to fly on ES
  3. Pilots who fly TS for a airport that has ATC services that are not on schedule with IFATC
  4. Pilots who got degraded to Grade 2 but still want a positive environment to fly with others while graining grade status again
  5. Controllers who enjoy TS but have no intention to go through the application process of IFATC

Please, this should be a place where the Infinite Flight Community should civilly debate on options that should be taken seriously by the developers of Infinite Flight.

I ask the Developers & The Infinite Flight Community, what steps should be taken for The Development of a Better Training Server?


Please, if your solution is to say there is nothing we can do. Then please spare us your kind words and lets hear from people who would have ideas that can help improve the Training Server. Thank you!


I had a suggestion that got shot down immediately lol


Neural engineering of the brains of TS pilots so they don’t troll. Other than that I think you’re out of luck.


Your suggestion shouldn’t get shot down here. What is it?


Just kidding around :)

But do you have any ideas?

I’m sure a lot of the things you may think of as trolling are pilots who have absolutely no clue what they are doing (because it’s the training server and likely is their first encounter with ATC).

basically it involved a TSATC only zone but TSATC is not supposed to have special privileges


The issue is ATC. People want to fly on the server with ATC on it, but some of them are not ready for it. Of course, there is no 100% working solution out there, but it would help if there was a new server, exactly the same as casual, no punishments, with ATC, that way, those who are seriously trying to prepare in expert have their own server. Please remember, there is no 100% working solution out there.

Also @Jomo_Kenyatta, maybe change this to live?

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Training server is there for practice. Everyone wants a good TS but that it’s wont happen. Training server is chaos and I would love to fix it but there will always be trolls. That is why you have to practice to get to the expert server there are real rules. If you add all these rules to TS it makes it a serious server which would take away from learning. It is there to practice and get used to ATC on. TSATC is the only ATC that really enforced rules so if you want a organized airport go to one with TSATC

Maybe that is something a developer can look into? And tell us why or why not that is/is not reasonable? Something that gets the ball rolling for a interaction with the IFC community and our issues with Training Server.

That is the current Training Server! A “No punishments” server with ATC would make controllers go mad. Which is what is happening with TS. I don’t know if the creation of a new server is what we need necessarily?

A question to Developers, what is keeping someone from occasionally checking out/monitoring ground violations happening at major airports on TS?

A user spawns on the opposite side of a active runway and chooses to take off in the opposite flow of traffic. How is this user learning? They are obviously impacting the experience for everyone else who is training and trying to learn. I have so many questions.

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I see your point. Again… there is no 100% working solution out there.

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Im getting annoyed.

Do people have trouble reading this?
Anyways, I believe more violation systems should be put in place. Going off a taxiway for more than 5 seconds, violation, Going over hold shortline with out clearence, violation. etc

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Only allow free planes on CS, surly trolls wont pay to go on TS and ES.


Maybe you can pay for what you get.
Could be done by subscription where
Silver gets you access to casual
Gold to TS and CS
Platinum to all servers
Something like that could work since every one in IF does pay for the game. That might keep trolls to CS

@Jomo_Kenyatta, I have said before as you have said, Training Server is there for pilots to, Learn , develop and gain experience, before progressing to Expert. However, how are people going to learn if there are little if no consequences for their actions. (When someone is learning to drive a car, they cannot do as they want without any form penalty) How can pilots be prepared effectively for the bigger stage, if they are allowed to do as they want. Totally agree with you. It does need re vamping weather this is by increasing penalty’s, adding and additional level or having pilots take written and practical tests. Totally agree with you on this

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I totally think this would be the perfect solution for all the chaos on training. Some people treat the server like casual, but many people actually want to train. So the ones who really do want to learn can go into anTSATC Zone. This is perfect in my opinion

This sort of thing, while being a good idea, would likely be more expensive than the current subscription and would draw people away from Multiplayer.

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This is pure wisdom! Couldn’t have said it better!!

I understand that TS is for training, but nowadays even people with grade 3 are trolling the ATC’s on TS. Not forgetting to mention, these ATC’s are runned on small hubs/airports.

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