The developer category is now public to everyone!


Hope to see some great 3rd party contribution to the Infinite Flight ecosystem :)


As an electrical/computer engineer who deals with coding and group contributions daily, this makes me very excited. I think this will open many opportunities for the community to contribute and hopefully many great things come of this.

Thank you for doing this and thinking about developers outside of your organization who are willing to further the great work you have started.


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The beginning of an era!


These nee updates add ons… Are kind of bring joy to everyone and myself its like everyone is refreshed


Especially based upon the fact that this Simulator is stable across three different platforms of the current Linux Kernel! And while this is primarily a mobile port, all the companies that developed their own flavor of the SoC champ Linux mobile kernel, they are all incorporating their mobile abilities into one seamless OS that moves with you, from your Home PC to your about the house Laptop to the on the road Handheld … Cool

(ps I’m a visionary, like to dream about what can be and work it)