The Detroit Domination! (CANCELLED!)

Hello IF Community! I know there is a lot of people on Training Server that want to be on an event. So that’s why I introduce you to The Detroit Domination! On Wednesday, we will TAKE OVER Detroit’s airport with Arrivals and Departures to anywhere!
Server: Training Server
Departure Airport: KDTW
Arrival Airport: KDTW You can arrive or depart from the airport

You can go to any gate you choose and remember: all hauls are allowed!
•Act Professional
•ATC is available for anyone who wants to be ATC
•Please select the correct gates!

You should probably make your events further away not just a couple days, that gives no time for people to join

Ok I guess I will do that

You also do not say wether or not there will be atc and you do not give any Notams.

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Ok I guess I will fix that

If you need some help with events, look at @Butter575 @Cole_Woodard or @United403 @MANDELA @BenjiTheBull @Ryan_15 events, or even my event my events, or you could PM anyone of those and ask for help


Ok I guess

OP Requested closure