The Deserts of Phoenix to a Sunset in the Mountains of Reno

So before I give the background for the flight, yesterday someone told me it looked like I was “bumping my topics” by replying to one person at a time. I never realized I was doing this because I reply a lot in school when I only have time to write a reply or two at once. I’m sorry if I was bumping my topic and I’ll try not to be doing that. Now to the description

With Reno being one of the airports featured I flew in from Phoenix in the Desert Gold 737-700. I took off around 4 PM in Phoenix and landed just after 5:15 In Reno. The sunset with the mountains of Reno was fun to see. Flight time was 1 hour 23 minutes

Flight Details

Southwest 737-700
1 Hour 23 Minutes

Pulling back on the control column and lifting off of Runway 8 Climbing above the mountains around Phoenix The Desert Gold livery in its natural habitat Flying over downtown Las Vegas Flying past the Spring Mountains just outside of Vegas A Southwest 737 climbs out of Reno for Las Vegas as we start our descent Turning to align with the visual approach for runway 16R The sun reflecting off the gold paint on final approach into Reno Am Endeavor CRJ-900 leaving for Salt Lake City holds short as we cross the runway threshold Touching down behind a Cessna Citation In Reno

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