The Derby City Flyout! @KSDF | 052000ZNOV19



The Derby City Flyout

About the Event:

Welcome to the fourth installment of my “underserved hubs” series. In this series, I’m focusing on smaller airline hubs in IF that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

About SDF:

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport my home airport, for those who don’t know (IATA: SDF, ICAO: KSDF, FAA LID: SDF) is a public and military use public airport in Louisville in Jefferson County, Kentucky. The airport covers 1,500 acres (6km²) and has three runways. Its IATA airport code, SDF, is based on the airport’s former name, Standiford Field. It has no regularly-scheduled international passenger flights, but it is a port of entry, as it handles numerous international cargo flights.

Over 3.8 million passengers and over 5.7 billion pounds (2,890,000t) of cargo passed through the airport in 2018. It is also the third-busiest in the United States in terms of cargo traffic, and seventh-busiest for such in the world. The Airport was renamed as Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport in January. The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015 categorized it as a “primary commercial service” airport since it has over 10,000 passenger boardings (enplanements) per year. As per Federal Aviation Administration records, the airport had 1,684,738 enplanements in 2017, an increase of 3.26% from 1,631,494 in 2016.

The airport is home to Worldport, the worldwide hub of UPS. The Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123d Airlift Wing operates C-130 transport aircraft from the co-located Louisville Air National Guard Base.

Important Event Information:

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 8:00 PM
(This is automatically converted to your local timezone.)

Server: Expert

Airport: KSDF

Aircraft: Whatever is assigned to your route.


Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.

Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.

You are responsible for watching yourself. If you get violations or ghosted within a week before this event, do not come crying to me.

If a route is not listed that you want, please click here to make sure it is a realistic route before placing your gate request.

Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

You are responsible for your own fuel. I would recommend using or The simbrief tutorial is linked here.

Do NOT request the A380 at ALL or I will ignore you.


Passenger Airlines

SDF houses 6 Airlines in its 1 terminal building, comprised of 2 concourses.

Concourse A: Delta, United, Frontier, Allegiant
Pilot Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
@Delta319 A01 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KMSP
@guxk A03 Delta 717-200 KATL
@GlobalFlyer1 A04 Delta 717-200 KATL
@dylan_m A05 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KLGA
A06 Not in use
A08 Not in use
A09 United Express CRJ-700 KORD
A10 Frontier A320 KDEN
A11 United Express ERJ-170 KEWR
@will_a A12 Allegiant A320 KPGD
A13 Not In Use
A14 United Express ERJ-170 KIAH
Concourse B: American, Southwest
Pilot Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
B02 American Eagle CRJ-700 KDCA
B04 American A320 KLAX
B05 American Eagle CRJ-900 KDFW
B06 American Eagle ERJ-175 KMIA
B07 Not in use
B09 Not in use
B11 Southwest 737-800 KTPA
B15 Southwest 737-700 KDEN
B16 American Eagle ERJ-175 KLGA
B17 Southwest 737-800 KPHX
@everything_matthew B18 American Eagle CRJ-900 KCLT
B19 Southwest 737-700 KLAS

Cargo Airlines

UPS Worldport

Ramps 200-205, 213-219
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 200 747-8F OMDB
Cargo 201 747-8F EDDK
Cargo 202 747-8F PANC
@Speedyyy Cargo 203 747-8F PHNL
Cargo 204 A330-200F KBUR
Cargo 205 757-200 KFAT
Cargo 213 MD-11F KEWR
Cargo 214 A330-200F KDEN
Cargo 215 757-200 KPNS
Cargo 216 MD-11F KJFK
Cargo 217 A330-200F KBOS
Cargo 218 757-200 KBDL
Cargo 219 MD-11F KONT
Ramps 206-212, 220-225
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 206 757-200 KOAK
Cargo 207 A330-200F KRFD
Cargo 208 MD-11F KSAT
@Niccckk Cargo 209 757-200 KRIC
Cargo 210 A330-200F KIAH
Cargo 211 MD-11F KATL
Cargo 212 757-200 KMSP
Cargo 220 A330-200F KDFW
Cargo 221 MD-11F KDFW
Cargo 222 757-200 KFLL
Cargo 223 A330-200F KLAS
Cargo 224 MD-11F KCAE
Cargo 225 757-200 KSWF
Ramps 226-239
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 226 A330-200F KJFK
Cargo 227 MD-11F KMCO
Cargo 228 757-200 KRSW
Cargo 229 A330-200F KTPA
@anon45500775 Cargo 230 757-200 KFAR
Cargo 231 757-200 KHSV
Cargo 232 A330-200F CYMX
Cargo 233 MD-11F KATL
Cargo 234 757-200 KLIT
Cargo 235 A330-200F KPBI
Cargo 236 MD-11F KPIT
Cargo 237 757-200 KTYS
Cargo 238 A330-200F KRIC
Cargo 239 MD-11F KRDU
Ramps 240-253
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 240 757-200 KMFE
Cargo 241 A330-200F KABY
Cargo 242 MD-11F CYYZ
Cargo 243 757-200 KFWA
Cargo 244 A330-200F KLBB
Cargo 245 MD-11F KPHL
Cargo 246 757-200 KSGF
Cargo 247 A330-200F KGSO
Cargo 248 MD-11F TJSJ
Cargo 249 757-200 KLFT
Cargo 250 A330-200F KSAT
Cargo 251 MD-11F KIAH
Cargo 252 757-200 KJAN
Cargo 253 A330-200F KJAX
Ramps 254-264
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 254 MD-11F KCLE
Cargo 255 757-200 KICT
Cargo 256 A330-200F KOMA
Cargo 257 MD-11F KDTW
Cargo 258 757-200 KSBD
Cargo 259 A330-200F KMEM
Cargo 260 MD-11F KMKE
Cargo 261 757-200 KOAK
Cargo 262 A330-200F KGSP
Cargo 263 MD-11F KPHL
Cargo 264 757-200 KPDX
Ramps 265-269
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Cargo 265 A330-200F KBHM
Cargo 266 MD-11F TJSJ
Cargo 267 757-200 KELP
Cargo 268 A330-200F KTUL
Cargo 269 MD-11F KSAT


Aprons (Only 2)
Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
Apron 01 MD-11F KMEM
Apron 02 MD-11F KMEM


Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
@bray FBO Atlantic Aviation SDF 01 Cessna Citation 750 KPDK

Gates Map

Please excuse my sloppy handwriting.

How to request your gate:

Please provide the following:
The gate you want

If you are changing the route, please additionally provide the following:


Gate A05 please ✌️

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I will have gate A04! :)

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Cargo 209 to Richmond, please. 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️


New Signups

@Dylan_M gate A05 ✅
@Kaleb_Jordan gate A04 ✅
@Niccckk Cargo ramp 209 ✅


Is there a way I can have a private ramp for a ACJ flight?

I’d like an Airbus a380 to KMEM, please!


I’d also like to have an A380 but to KJFK instead please.


Cargo Apron 01 Please!

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@Guxk I’ll join you. Put us down for the same flight as a flight of two.


a380 to MSN please


New Signups

@Everything_Matthew Cargo ramp 201 ✅

@Will_A @Guxk @GraceHopper either you three edit/delete your posts or I’m not signing you up. I will not tolerate any such behavior.


The 747-8i flies here… that is the same aircraft class. I’m sure it will work as long as we are parked in the corporate aprons.

There is a very important family from Singapore… the Young family? You may have heard of them.

I’ll be taking Nick and his wife Rachel to New York, and Guxk will ferry their cargo. Grace is taking their external relatives for a weekend at their house in MSN. They have rented out some of Airbuses newest A380’s for use.


It is imperative that our clients receive the service requested. Maybe we could slip you a little something if you look the other way hint hint. If not, we will be severely disappointed, as our clients lawyers shall be.


Ok. Let’s make a deal. The Young family has rented out three 747-8i aircraft for us. Sound good?


Please stick to the requirements set forth in the original topic. Please PM the organizer for more information.


A03 please.

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New Signups

@Guxk gate A03 ✅
@will_A gate A12 ✅


Welp. It seems that the young family of Singapore is out of luck.

A12 on Allegiant please.

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I’d like to take a United CRJ7 to O’Hare if possible! Thanks!

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New Signups

@GlobalFlyer1 gate A09 ✅