The departure of FNF? Why?

Been a while since I’ve kept up with IF. I read the post about FNF… why though? Friday Night Flights was such a staple event and I saw no reason for it to end… (was the main reason why I got my IF sub in the first place) It just seems like they wanted to change for the sake of having change. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies here. That event is so unique, and removing it removes a ton of community interaction.

Yes, community-made events are nice and gain people, but nothing will EVER compete with the pure fun chaos that FNF was… it really was a unique experience and I’m sad to see it go… I hope to see it back, as it didn’t deserve to die.


This is what the staff had to say:


Yeah, I did see that, however, FNF was already… community-centric? It just doesn’t make sense as it was one of the main ways to get the community together.

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This new way, ATC can better cater to what we want. They just chose somewhere every week wether you liked it or not. Now, events that we create can be featured.

Remember, someone had to actually sit down every week and make it. That would have taken a lot more time than you’d think I’d imagine.

I mean Infinite Flight makes tons a year off of subscriptions, they let off Misha, their FNF maker, so why not just get someone as a replacement for him? I don’t see why not.

While I very much appreciate the passion behind this and understand the motive, we will not discuss allotment of company resources or high level management decisions. The reasons for this decision have been discussed and announced at the level we’re comfortable with for now. Thanks!