The DC-10: A pivotal aircraft, or a lawsuit waiting to happen?

Pilot error, they bounced up and try to land it again and ended up collapsing the landing gear.

@Seb2104 oh

Well, you make a fair point, but how come this is a constant error with the aircraft, more so that day an a300?

I love the DC-10, but the MD-11 clearly has a better reputation.

That was an MD-11F though!

Thanks for reminding us about Dough and Locheed @KPIT! (😂)

I would like to point out after the early days the aircraft became very safe.

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Engines falling off?

I love Mustard, he has informational videos about planes history! I think since MD knew the DC-10 had problems, it was awaiting to happen. They rushed against Lockheed with the 1-1011 in my opinion 100%.

The worst part is that the passengers got to see their plane crash from a pilots view through the TV.
And by the way, this incident was caused not by bad design but by American Airlines.

That’s actually the reason that you can’t see into the cockpit from your seat back screen anymore

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