The day twelve A-10's showed up

You may have noticed the title, and it’s true!

Today, Sunday November 8, 2020, Twelve (12), Fairchild Republic A-10’s Showed up to the Portsmouth International Airport at 12:30pm EST, along with Two KC-10 Tankers and One C-17.

These planes were originally supposed to show on Saturday, but pushed to today.

So what was the most logical thing to do if these planes were coming on your day off?


I decided, instead of just watching them, why not work on them??
I got to fuel four of the twelve A-10’s, and since there were twelve, they had another fuel truck as well

It was such a hectic and busy day at PSM. While these planes came in, we also had to deal with the usual traffic into PSM.

I couldn’t take day pictures since I was super busy fueling and doing other stuff. So I hope you enjoy the pictures!

The A-10’s come rolling in

The A-10

A row of 8 A-10’s

4 A-10’s near the terminal

Another shot of the second row of A-10’s

Rear shot of the A-10’s


Ooooh @JoshFly8 would have been mad in love.


Roll in strike package Bravo on unknown target. I authenticate Tango Whiskey at time 0300 Zulu.

Attention, all aircraft. This will be a danger close-fire mission.

Weapons, I just got a call from Falcon Ops. Who’s closer to Kill Box One Alpha?

Send the Hogs, sir.

Okay, send the Hogs over to Kill Box One Alpha. It’s a danger close…

Switch the Hogs to Kill Box One Alpha, 300 feet danger close.

Friendlies in the area.

Seven-man team north of orange smoke!

Received Kill Box One Alpha. Engage hostile.


Welcome to the ramp. I love busy days at work on the ramp cuz its what I like to do and gets the blood moving

Wow. How long did it take you to recite the Transformers line when the A-10’s were shown haha

I know it by heart. Best scene of the movie, like Operation Firestorm.

clears throat
ETA to station, two minutes.

  • Put it on the main screen.
  • Sir. Yes, sir.

Predator 01.

S***, it’s a trick.

Commence Operation Firestorm.
Send everyone.

  • Get those Marines on the ground.

  • Roll in strike packages…

  • Get those Marines on the ground.

  • Roll in strike packages…

Task Force Ripper, execute Lightning.

  • Spotted Sam!
  • Sam!


Follow us to the pillars.
We’ll take you to Optimus.

Get out, Sam! Get to the pillars!

Let’s go.

Oh, God. This is it. The pyramid’s built
right over the machine.

If they turn that machine on,
no more sun.

Not on my watch.

Not on my watch.

USS Stennis. Identify.

Where the hell are you?
Watching the Weather Channel?

I Dream of Jeannie or something?

We got 300 satellites up there.
Where the hell are all our men?

Identify yourself.

What is your name, sailor?

Wilder, Captain of the
USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier.

Okay, Captain Wilder.

This is Agent Seymour Simmons
of Sector Seven.

There is the mother
of all non-biologicals

getting ready to blow up our sun.

Do you want to have a throwdown
about my lack of clearance

or do you want to help save
a gazillion lives?

All right, Agent Simmons. I’m listening.

Five clicks west of the Gulf,

Five clicks west of the Gulf,

we got ourselves an alien
remodeling a pyramid.

Our one hope is a prototype weapon
called a rail gun,

  • shoots a steel projectile at Mach 7.
  • That’s classified.

Don’t talk to me about classified,
all right?

Now, if you’ve got a battleship
in the Gulf, which I know you do,

you tell them to ready that weapon!

Contact destroyer USS KIDD.

Alpha Team, flank left!

This way! Move it!

  • Where do you need us, sir?
  • Protect those in the line of fire.

Let’s go! Go!

Give me your Comms. Come on. Epps!

Right now, we need air support, ASAP!

Have troops in contact 20 miles
northwest. Radar contact.

Proceed to 88 Alpha Sierra…

B-1, snap 090.

You are approved to drop your
2,000-pound JDAMs.

  • What you got?
  • I couldn’t get to them, sir.

They’re 600 meters away
and they’re heading right for the pillars.

All right. Precious cargo’s coming!


Curse you!

Sam! Spotted Sam!

  • Come on!
  • 2-2 covering fire.

Two civilians, 12 o’clock!

Cover for us!

Hold the air strike!
We’re rescuing civilians!

Keep firing!

Come on! Mikaela!

Come on! Get in here!

Look who showed up.

You better have a good reason for us
to be here.

  • Where’s Optimus?
  • He’s right over there,

across the courtyard.

  • I got to get to him right now.
  • Not with an air strike coming.

I have to get to him right now.

Go. Back, back, back, back.

  • Go.
  • Listen up…



Stick the landing.

Behold the glory of Jetfire!

Now let me show you how we brought
the pain in my day!

I’m too old for this crap.

Keep going, man, 15 rounds of fighting.

I am directly below
the enemy’s s******.

25.7 meters above sea level,
29.32 north.

  • Kill track, 5205…

  • Target acquired.

  • Killing track.

  • Two, one…


Yeah! Yeah!

B-1’s time on target, 30 seconds.
2,000-pound JDAMs inbound.

We’re gonna make a break through
the B’s on my command, okay?

You guys stick with me, you
understand? You stay on my ***.

  • 1-1 tally orange smoke.

  • I hope these F-16s got good aim.

  • Yeah? Why is that?

  • I told them to hit the orange smoke.

You mean that orange smoke?

It wasn’t my best toss, okay?

  • Viper, thunder.
  • Run!


Come on!





Hold your fire!



👏 I like this one good Job

Some great shots you took. A-10 is one impressive aircraft to watch in action.

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