The day that we just, forget about IF

I wonder what we will do when IF just becomes obsolete!
We will probably be playing a brand new rocket ship simulator or something.
I dread the day when IF is no more:(



Don’t worry, Infinite Flight will never become obsolete.


is this really the sort of conversation to be having??

Infinite Flight is always evolving and improving in leaps and bounds. Guess some people may ‘grow out of it’, however at same time new people will join!


As someone who converted here from Aerofy I can tell you as long as the development team doesn’t abandon the mobile users and the communication between the community and users stays the way it does here. IF will never be obsolete.


Wow, is is sad.

Thats means its the end of the world for IF😭😭😵😱🌋

I used to play World of Tanks Blitz before coming here, which used to be a great game, but then the devs stopped caring about the players, made it pay-to-win, and the player base sucked. Think of like one of those people who lands on a taxiway at 320 knots, then takes off, pulls straight up, then stalls into a spin. That’s more or less the player base. I don’t know how IF could ever fail, since it’s not a team-dependent game like Blitz.