The Day Air Force One mission wasn’t completed

It’s 22 November. The weather was sunny, Air Force One has just arrived to Dallas Texas where President John F Kennedy was suppose to visit.
POTUS Kennedy departed the aircraft and left the airport and carried on his way to the Democratic Party.
At 1230pm local time the world was stunned when shots rang out killing President Kennedy. At 1300L he was pronounced dead.
His body arrived to The airport where now SAM26000 sat and wait as President Kennedy was loaded.

SAM26000 departed its trip back to Washington DC where them President Johnson would swear in. Air Force One would carry two President, an assassinated And America’s newest.
To this day SAM26000 sits at the National Musuem of the Air Force.

Here’s some radio chatter of that dark November day.


CRAP… launched it to early!

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The day Air Force One headed back to Washington D.C,only with a different president onboard.

Oh damn! I didn’t know about this btw just of curiosity how did president Kennedy die? Was he shot?..
USA lost a great leader that day .

Wait what did AF1 do wrong?

He was shot twice and died.

Was it on the plane or ground?

In his car, while waving to the people of Dallas

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If people don’t know, the lady to LBJ’s right is his wife and on his left is Jacqueline Kennedy.

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