The Dash 8/March-April iOS Update

Hello all, my name is Justin. Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong feed, as I am new to the game and to the community.

I am neither a pilot or programmer; just a guy in the Bay Area who’s enjoys flight simulators. I came aboard here AFTER playing Aerofly 2 for a while. Aerofly 2 is an exceptional game, but I was curious about all the buzz that THIS game had received. Despite some rather large differences in gameplay and appearance, I like this one more! For one, the devs reside in NorCal too. Aerofly devs (IPACS) are in Germany (I believe). The community here is just amazing. I really enjoy reading the threads, and gathering some much needed aeronautical knowledge/insight.

While I too, am pateiently (at least trying to be) awaiting th me next build, I thought I would one obvious question – that continues to boggle my mind. Why are there no stars/clouds in this game?? Lol. This game is 5 years old, right? I actually uninstalled/reinstalled the app upon playing it the first time because I was certain it was a bad install – due to the lack of stars/clouds/weather.

I really hope these essential aspects are in the build that is due out shortly. The only other qualm I have is the resolution of the terrain. It’s pretty “blah!” Aerofly’s terrain (and sky) are top notch! Not sure if they’re 4K, but I would assume they are.

Aside from what I stated above, this IS the better simulator. And I hope that it continues to be. The two devs seem like upstanding guys and I applaud the manner in which they divulge info back to the community (even though they are totally teasing us with the screen shots of the new plane/update)

Who else is in California, here?



Damn, infinite flight got roasted by the newbie lol


Lol!! Thanks. I wrote “Dash 8” in the title because it seemed that was basically the title of the next build, as it’s the most talked about aspect. Next time, I’ll be more concise.

I wasn’t “roasting” the game, I was just conveying my surprise upon finding the game lacked said stars and clouds. It’s like having a backyard BBQ that’s catered by Subway. Just doesn’t fit.

Are there other arenas where the devs are active? Thanks in advance.


Can you explain what you mean by [quote=“NorCalGuy, post:4, topic:27254”]
Are there other arenas where the devs are active?

That was amazing!
And that title does really make people read this thread.


Other forums, such as Touch Arcade? Places where devs reach out and converse with players, and share ideas? I’ve already “liked” and “followed” on Facebook, but there isn’t exactly a “wealth of info” on FB; just screen shots.

Welcome to the community, Justin!

To answer your question about the devs, Matt’s Instagram is also a source of where you can get information from- he often posts about his day, teases about the update, and answers questions from time to time (gave one today regarding the state of the update, actually). YouTube also does get the rare video from time to time (TAP Portugal A320 was the last one). Not only that, but Twitter does get the occasional feed- Matt and Philippe will gladly answer legitimate questions there. You also may want to check out the suggestion area, which allows you to make suggestions for the sim ( ).

Regarding the stars, clouds, weather, and so forth, I highly suggest checking out and looking for part one and two of the interview with the developers- they talk about the issues and viability of why those things are not in (yet), and what it will take to add them in the forseeable future. Part of the reason why this hasn’t happened yet is due to the mobile nature of Infinite Flight- we have live ATC, hundreds of pilots flying, exact airports (edited right down to even the most minuscule line as compared to the real life version) multiple regions, and so forth, which takes quite a bit to work around without compromising the memory or CPU that dozens upon dozens of devices have (considering what we have here, stuffing that much in less than 1GB of data is highly impressive).

There are great aspirations for the future of Infinite Flight, and the devs are dedicated to pushing out cool new things in the future for others to enjoy! Besides, part of the fun is the wait to get all those goodies (hype train!).

By the way, if you ever want to consider becoming qualified as an advanced controller in the future, just let me know or get in touch with any recruiter. We have a dedicated team of 250+ ATCs, headed by a real world military controller, with the added bonus of about a half dozen qualified commercial pilots and several other real world controllers. Of course, there are requirements, but we’ll get to that part later. ;)

Don’t hesitate to ask me or any other community member if you have any more questions regarding this fantastic sim!



Thanks for the info, Josh. I’m sure adding elements such as stars and clouds is far more technical than most would often think. And yes, I am excited about the upcoming update. Okay, okay, I’m VERY excited! Lol. It’s almost as if Matt & Phillipe are a couple of mall Santas, and we’re all excitedly hopping on their laps to tell them what we want. 😂

I’m very impressed with the community thus far. Are there any Facebook groups that players can join?
Thanks again,

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I’d highly suggest joining IFFG (Infinite Flight Fan Group) on FB- it has over 17,000 members and counting. IFWP is also a viability, with countless other FB groups revolving around pilots, such as TPP, IFAE, and so forth.

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Will do. Just sent a request to join. Thanks

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