The Dash 8 100 series

The dash 8 100 series is a series small turboprops made to serve very small destinations
It is a regional aircraft.

This is something we need in the game, with all the small airports in the game, many way too small to the 737, a318 and even the CRJ200. This plane could bring some smaller airports that no one really flies to on the map

This type of aircraft is used in for example in Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on the short haul network to small towns

Picture creditøe_Dash_8-100.jpg

About the dash 8:

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I come to a topic about the Dash 8 and I see accidental llamas. I’m losing it 😂😂😂

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Yeah, fixed it now, I have been part of Worlds Scholars Cup and they give away Alpacas:)


Hate to be the party pooper after the llamas but this is requested in the whole Dash 8 family rework

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I didn’t find that link, also they’re alpacas >:(

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This topic contain a Dash 8 Q-400 rework, not the Dash 8 Q 100/200. The Dash 8 Q 100 does not exist in this sim yet.


Quite sad, my first feature request exists:(

I quoted it

Add the Q-100/200 in the original rework topic

Still no topic going straight to the 100/200

Up to the mods

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It is not a rework. A rework means redoing an aircraft that already exists in Infinite Flight.

So, the Dash 8 Q 100 does not exist in Infinite Flight, therefore, it is not a rework, whatsoever. It is an addition.

This topic stated the Wrong fact as it is not a family rework when only 1 type of Dash 8 exist in the current sim. Hope you understand what am I trying to say.

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But change your title to the Dash 8 Q 100 series, because unfortunately I have found a similar topic…

Now it is only the 100:)

Bumping this

You’ve got my vote. This is probably one of my favourite aircraft. Jazz aviation operates these and they’re great.

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I don’t think it’s used in either NZ or Australia

The Dash 8-100 aircraft is so special, and I think it would revolutionize short distance flying in infinite flight, as the difference between the c208 caravan and the Q400 is huge, this would be a in the middle, and a nice plane to have

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Technically this topic can still exist because it is only supposed to be one feature per request in a topic, having the addition of the -100 to the rework thread is an additional feature.

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