The Cultural Center Becomes A Day At The Ultra Hub

The Cultural Center Becomes A Day At The Ultra Hub!

Today, I really wanted to edit some more pictures, so I asked @thenewpilot to fly with me from Kansai to Hong Kong. We were on our way quite soon after. @NoahM, I did try to fix the tint, but I just can’t get over using tint too much.

Unfortunately, I was delayed by an hour before landing at VHHH, but that’s alright! I got some cool pictures to share. Let’s dive into it!

Flight Logistics

ANA B777-200ER
Flight Time Of 3 hours and 21 minutes, delayed by one hour to 4 hr 8 min.

My friend @thenewpilot is parked at RJBB, preparing for takeoff in the Cathay 777

I’m taxiing to the runway, stopping for a few aircraft and watching the sunrise…

And liftoff! We’re on our way to VHHH!

And we’re cruising along the coasts of Japan…

We’re above Taipei Airspace… RCTP in the background

Now we’re at Penghu Airport, known as RCQC. Fifth-largest in Taiwan.

The HKG approach has been missed. I executed a missed approach… and see pilots preparing to takeoff

We’ve finally landed after a one hour delay… glad to be in VHHH

We’re parked and I’m going to the terminal at VHHH…

Thanks, and I’ll see you soon!


I (tried) to fly this route this morning with @NYFLFlyer22 and @Tsumia but my device crashed. I think they had a fun flight though!


Well, @snoman, if you’d like to join or fly any group-flight, you can always contact me :)

I’m thinking for routes tomorrow, so you could PM me if you want :)

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After brutally massacring a few hundred passengers in a Boeing 787-10 by trying to rotate at 145 knots.

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By the way, make sure to click the pictures. The pictures were not cropped to remove the tail or parts of the aircraft (except for the 2nd and the 7th picture). You can still see it.