The CRJ has many problems

Hey guys. Today I decided to do about a 2hr flight in the CRJ 900. Problems started when I was taking off about 45000 pounds. For some reason when I tried to rotate it wouldn’t. I was eventually able to take off at 290 knots and like 30 seconds past the runway. Keep in mind this was the expert server, but luckily there was no ATC. The flight after was pretty good, but during the landing, the plane was nosediving to the ground for no reason. I calibrated multiple times But I still crashed, and just like that 2 hours down the drain. If you know me, I don’t really get mad but this pissed me off. I don’t know if it’s the plane or just me, if someone has a solution pls say so.



Did you calibrate it before takeoff?


Possible Reasons:
-Over MTW
-Fuel at max
-A rare glitch

I am not aware of this as a problem for anyone else so be sure to check your weight and balance.

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Yes I did.

My weight and balance was green when I pushed back

Is it possible for you to takeoff at the same airport and replicate what you did again? Just takeoff and leave.

Yep, I’ll do that now

Awesome! Can’t wait to see the results!

Good luck man, I used to have the same problem with the CRJ.

The same thing happend. This is EDDF btw

The CRJ family are special aircraft in-game, they require a lot of trim. 50-70% is the way to go. It’ll take some time to get used to but it’s worth it IMO. The reason why you need to use so much trim is because the CRJ family struggles to rotate in-game. In real life, it usually rotates at 125-140 knots depending on weight and weather conditions. But for some odd reason it’s difficult to do that in IF.


Set your weight and balance to super light, tell me what speed you rotate at.

Yep, this is how I’m able to fly it somewhat comfortably. It’s a tough cookie to take off with, for sure.

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It worked! Thanks @callaa @OregonAviaton @A10f4ang for the help. This can be closed now


Anytime! Glad to help 😎!

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at Vr rotation speed there is a significant lag in IF more than the real aircraft to start to actually pitch nose up. By V2 it should start to fly. Usually by 145 to 155 Kias. Flaps 8 .

I use a Flap 8 TO, positive trim +25~35
Middle AC weight on the IF load scale.

If its heavy close to MTOW just keep that yoke back pressure firm. It seems like in IF since the nose is pitched downwards when parked the plane needs to achieve a level AOA before any lift kicks in . Not sure though. However I’ve never needed + 60 nose up trim 🤔

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To add on, I flew the CRJ yesterday for a VA Event and it’s hard to control especially with winds. I didn’t have any problems with takeoff. I was around 92% heavy with flaps 20 and trim 30; I was basically able to rotate fine at around 150 with some winds which kinda messed it up a bit which was fine.

Main thing is if you don’t use rudder on wind and the correct amount of things needed, you’ll end up to do a whole 360 like I once did. (I have the clip on Yt)

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I had the same problem yesterday, normal weight for an hour flight and 30% Trim was barely enough to takeoff. I usually put 10% so by the time I set a higher trim I rotated at 160kts.

Very special plane to say the least

I have a different experience. MTOW, zero trim, firm pull back on yoke at around 145knts, and it takes off and climbs fine. I tried multiple times just now.

It is reluctant to pitch up before that speed though.

I would suggest practicing this on solo so that you can get used to it with many repetitions.

This is likely not due to the flight model but due to some factor such as insufficient speed, since you say you were calibrated. The solo mode short final option is also a good place to practice landing control where is it is set up to make it easy to practice many repetitions from a stable starting speed and lined up for landing (this starting speed in the short final option was much improved in the last update).


In my experiences with the 700, 900 &1000, I adjust aft weight to a 60% - 40% weight distribution. T/O trim on them are a bit different for each. 700 at 60%NU, 900 at 82%NU and 1000 at 91%NU all with flaps 8%. TO speed at about 140IAS thereabouts. As they climb I reduce trim back 20% or more depending on climb rate. They will steadily climb at about 1800fpm until they have good speed usually around 215knts. You can increase climb to 2200fpm which in the SIM, they climb just fine. Once at altitude I’m usually at zero to -10%ND for flight.
Try these and see what you think. The 1000 on TO for reference.

The 200 is my favorite to fly. Fast and agile, it’s settings are different. I do a 55/45 weight distribution and 40degrees NU trim. Fly’s like a dream.

Landing with them is similar. Don’t speed! 130-138knts. max. Nose down through final. Flare at 50 ft from the deck and they all land very well. If too fast they will float down the runway. Here you can play with trim until you’re comfortable with their dynamics!
Good luck!
Having flown in them and watched them take off IRL, they are quick ascenders. Maybe in the future once the CRJ’s are revised they will fly like their real world brethren. Until then, just learn how to baby the ones we have. They can be a lot of fun!