The Crest of the South!

1) Background to the photos
I was planning to fly from KATL-KIAH, but after looking at my flight plan on LiveFlight, I discovered that I could pass over the highest peak in Alabama! What happened next is unforgettable.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, Delta B767-300, 1900Z, KATL-KIAH
3) Photos

For some reason, we have a Трансаэро/Transaero A380 beside us.

After a rather good takeoff from our 767, we are on our way to Houston…or so it seems.

After a rather rapid descent down to FL30 (3000 ft), we are at the crest of Mount Cheaha, the tallest crest in Alabama!

The mountain sits at a height of almost 2,500ft. I am at 3000ft. Isn’t it beautiful!?

These are the smaller fringes of the Cheaha State Park.

I decided to go ahead and divert to KBHM to check my plane after the low sweeps. Consequently, I am aligned with one of the most deceiving approaches in the United States…you’ll see what I mean soon.

Now you see what I mean…you can’t see the mountain when you intercept the localizer, but when you notice it, it’s almost too late for your plane. This runway is never used for landings regardless of the direction.

It was a REALLY delayed touchdown.

Due to the absence of ramps here at KBHM on IF, I just park my plane in the middle of the apron.

I decided to save the best for last; enjoy the peak!

Overall, this was a rather thrilling flight, especially knowing that this is my state and my home. It just makes it twice as good!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


the second one is good because its close up but all the other one are to far

They’re great! But however, I suggest using “Free” camera mode to get better angles, thus improving your pictures!

Keep it up!

Sure! Thank you!

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These are cool. Looking a little low on the pass, but it’s a low pass, right?

Yes, It’s a low pass. It’s pretty difficult to nail, actually,

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