The Crazy Kuala Lumpur Flyout!

Event bump!!

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Might aswell, Air Asia X A333 to PHNL

I’ll sign you up!

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It’s been quiet here. Let’s keep filling Kuala Lumpur!

Hey, is it possible to move the event back by one hour? So instead of 11PM my time it starts at 10PM my time? Just wondering, you don’t have to :)

Sorry, I didn’t see your message until now

Unfortunately I don’t want to move the event time back because it could prevent others from being able to join who have already signed up :(

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That’s completely fine mate, of course no pressure at all.
Enjoy the event :)

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Let’s keep filling Kuala Lumpur!!

China Eastern (Shanghai Airlines) 886

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I will sign you up!

@k1234 I just realized I put you down for the wrong gate, sorry about that! It’s all fixed now.

@Wonderousbuilder641 In real world, China Eastern use B787-9 to fly this route, can you change my plane to B787-9 please.

Sure, I’ll make that change.

I’d like to request a maintenance trip to Toulouse pls for AirAsia X’s the A339

Sounds good. I’ll sign you up!

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let me go for this gate instead klm 787-9 to amsterdam please

Ok, I’ll get you swapped.

@Wonderousbuilder641 would it be okay to sponsor this amazing event?

This event has a new sponsor! Go check out the Kai Tak Flyout by @United403!

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uhh you put me at the wrong gate