The crazy flight i’ll do once the TBM is released

Hey there everybody, it’s been a while ! I’m here to show you what my first flight in the TBM will be, and it’s not just any flight, i’ll do a TBM 930 delivery flight, flying all the way (with stops) from Tarbes, France (Socata factory) to Bakersfield (CA). I had this idea while looking at an amazing video doing the same flight in a TBM910 and I found it amazing !
Here’s the link, you should check it out !

-So now that everything is clearer , how am I gonna do this ?
Actually it’s quite simple, during a few days i’ll Do one flight a day and in between i’ll study, it will take 5 days maximum

To which airport are you gonna fly ?
So, seven legs are planned for this flight :
In other words, Tarbes -> Prestwick -> Reykjavik-> Iqaluit -> Churchill -> Winnipeg -> Salt Lake City -> Bakersfield

Why did you make this topic ?
I made this topic so** YOU**_can join me on this amazing adventure for one leg or to do it all the way to Bakersfield _

How can I contact you ?
PM me on instagram (@if_4_you) or on the IF community and i’ll answer !

Through the flight you’ll have pictures (one pic per flight).
Happy flying


I plan on the same thing! Can’t wait to fly it 👍🏻🤫😁😜

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You can talk about it here, where the entire flight is documented!

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Me too 😏. I really can’t wait, I think I want this more than the Crj.they are still great

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The flight is starting today ! Who wanna join ?

Join me at LFBT at 8:30 PM Dubai time for the first leg !

I’m doing the first leg this evening

I’d be interested in doing this flight with you as soon as I can get the IOS release for my ipad

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It’s out since a few hours

Yeah I got there now but working night shift tonight so I can’t today but would like to do it with you for sure if it could be planned in a few days . Lovely aircraft. Thanks

Note: The flight is delayed to 9PM Dubai time (GMT+4)

You can join me for another leg !

I have done this route. It’s long, but fun!

Wow, already ? Hope you enjoyed !

If anyone interested, i’m Spawning in 5 min and taking off in 15-20

Next stop : Prestwick ! You can track me if you want, callsign is TBM1

Once you do that maybe you could keep going and go right around the world back to france

Maybe, but I don’t have that much time :(

Just finished LFBT -> EGPK -> BIRK (24G35KT, not a very easy landing)

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