The Cost of Infinite Flight: a small PSA

Hello, Bounjour, Kon’nichiwa, Hola and all the rest,

I just wanted to make a quick, hopefully informative, topic covering an aspect of Infinite Flight: It’s monetary value/ cost. This is something that I feel gets brought up quite a lot by various members on the forum, whether as a dig or as a question. Why does Infinite Flight cost so much money?

And my answer to that is, comparatively speaking, does it cost a lot of money?

Now, on the face of it, £9.49 (or whatever conversion you choose) does seem like a lot of money to pay every month for what many would class as a “mobile game”. There are a lot of people out there that either do not have a reliable monthly income or have to rely on their family to pay for the subscription.

Of course, the free model does indeed exist for the simulator, and as far as a free model goes, it isn’t half bad. You get access to a handful of aircraft, some bad, some that are top notch. You have access to several regions to fly in, containing hundreds of different airports. You have the most realistic physics on any mobile flight simulator, period. It really isn’t a bad way to get started and discover if you enjoy using the simulator or not.

And then for £9.49 a month you get access to every aircraft in the sim with plenty of different liveries, thousands upon thousands of hand crafted airports accurate to a stunning degree (some of which will have buildings in the future), you get (again) the most realistic physics on ANY mobile flight simulator, you get access to live and accurate weather, both unicom and live ATC services, an astoundingly simple flight planning system with accurate navigation data, satellite imagery and so much more.

Now, I’d like to make a comparison to other mobile flight simulators, but frankly there just isn’t another one that I would class worthy of comparing to. Every other sim on either the Play or App store sacrifices so much for a feature. Sure, some of them have live cockpits, but it’s at the expense of model accuracy and physics. They may have slightly higher resolution scenery, but in terms of accuracy it’s poor to say the least.

So let’s try and compare to a desktop simulator. It sounds unfair, but in reality if we go for a “cost of product/ what you get”, it’s closer than you would think. And it seems to be a fan favourite of many members here to say “ugh you should just use a desktop simulator for this money”.
Using just one image, I’ll explain to you why IF is good value:

This is the sneak peak preview released a short while ago of Paris Charles De Gaulle (LFPG). In this image we have the airport, ground vehicles and the 777.

For comparisons sake, I’ll use my current phone (Pixel 4XL which can be bought for under £500) and my desktop pc (i7 8700k, RTX3060ti, 32GB RAM which with the current inflation in prices is over £1500 in hardware, not including ANY other part of the PC). I’m also using current pricing on addons for my comparison to make this as fair as possible.

  • The cost of this image in Infinite Flight is £509.49
  • The cost of this image in XP11 is £1653
  • The cost of this image in P3D is £1600 approx.
  • FS2020 doesn’t have a 777 so there is no comparison

And in the sake of the desktop simulators, I haven’t included any of the visual plugins, any other aircraft, the cost is simply for the simulator, airport and aircraft. If you want to add any other scenery or aircraft then expect to see that price increase rapidly. Over £1000 increase. Now that’s what I call… expensive. Not music. I don’t know why people like those CDs to be honest…

No other simulator on the market provides such a warm, welcoming community as Infinite Flight. You find me another simulator where the staff will have a chat and engage with forum members, where there are thousands of people willing to try help you at every turn of your journey. You find me another simulator with such a great group of volunteers, be it the IFVARB, IFATC, the Beta team, the Moderators. You wont.

And not only that, a fun community. Anyone remember FIND EGG?

Sure we only get a few updates a year, but those updates are worked on by a team of people smaller than any class at your school, and they are always of the highest quality possible. The fact that the simulator still runs on an iPhone 6, a now 7 year old phone is a testament to the quality and effort put in by the developers. And we haven’t even gotten to Vulkan/ Metal yet. Infinite Flight also has a massive social community on Instagram and other networks. Look at the turnouts we’ve been getting on Twitch too! And last time I checked, you can’t fit a desktop PC into your pocket.

Infinite Flight has its flaws, of course, as does everything. The low level scenery isn’t great, some of the aircraft are in dire need of a rework, airports don’t currently have buildings, we lack a true weather system… But as a complete package, it’s amazing value for money. £79.99 a year might seem like a lot of money, but in the desktop word you pay that for a SINGLE aircraft, and nothing else. In Infinite Flight, you get everything in one single package, including access to multiplayer and the incredible ATC. Everything costs money. You have to remember behind that subscription cost is expensive scenery, servers and a team of people that do this for a living. Everyone wants to be paid at least for the work they do. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you think the simulator is too expensive, then that is your opinion. You are more than welcome to contact the forum staff if you think you have a better pricing model they can work with. But going into public threads and bashing the forum because you think xxxx simulator is better, or because you think it’s too expensive is just not ok. It doesn’t send out a good image for new users., there is no place for it on this forum, and some of you really should know better.

Personally, I will continue to happily pay for my subscription, because I love the product and massively appreciate the work that goes into it. I hope many of you share this same opinion, and if you don’t you are free to cancel your subscription.

Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Flying.


Amazing topic and so informative!

Well said buddy 👍


Great topic and all but that is not even an In-game picture. Currently, IF doesn’t have half of the stuff in the image and is £9 a month.

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And this didn’t even mention the astounding updates we get in the controlling aspect of things! Center, advanced drag and vector info, the hundreds of commands on both ground, tower, atis, departure, approach, and center, plus what’s to come in 21.1 is just purely unbelievable.

I’m exactly there with you. Nice job, very well done.


100% agree my friend, and a very well written PSA to boot!

I still continue to pay monthly even though I could grab the year and save money… I don’t know why I do this, I guess I just appreciate everything you mentioned - there is probably no other monthly subscription-based product that I would do this with.

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Excellent post this hopefully will open the eyes of some members who don’t understand!


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Well said buddy…well said.

But for real when put up against the other top flight simulators - Infinite Flight is astonishingly cheaper…


Yes. I’m going to fully ignore it, because as comparisons go, it’s shocking. And once again, the cost aspect comes into play.

As I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are literally doing right here what the main topic is about. You aren’t forced to use Infinite Flight.

“No likey, no lighty!”

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@The_Real_Plane_Spott F i n d e g g

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What was this? My curiosity is peaked!


This definitely is one of the more important points you mentioned that should be highlighted in my opinion. Without comparing the prices of Infinite Flight to the desktop versions, 79.99 a year can seem expensive to many, but once things are put into perspective, Infinite Flight is a crazy good deal in terms of bang for your buck.

From a pretty diverse fleet, global region access with great scenery and buildings (coming soon), to good flight physics and ATC features, you not only get access to pretty much everything related to an aviation simulator, but there’s also something for everyone. And it’s all on a device you can fit in your pocket, which truly blows my mind.

Solid post, Kirito. Good stuff!


But does X-Plane have dozens of aircraft.

No. It doesn’t. Frankly the pricing of XP10 mobile is shockingly high for what you get.

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I am wondering - I agree with most of your points about the pricing after 21.1 is released. Do you think this game is worty it right now, with no 3D buildings or anything?

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Exactly… and let’s not forget it’s basically two simulators in one when you factor in the ATC side of things.


Every game has their pros and cons. And in my opinion when you are doing a comparison, you can’t ignore the pros of a game just because it has too many cons. Just my opinion.

I personally do think it is still worthy, yes. Buildings are only a small part of a simulator, and whilst they do provide a massive visual appeal, their actual function is only a small part of a package.

And as @ShaneAviation mentioned, a point I completely overlooked, the quality of ATC and multiplayer in the simulator is just fantastic. So many under the hood features that we all take for granted.


Honestly, I never had a problem paying for an infinite flight subscription I know a lot of ppl do but I am glad it’s very affordable since I can’t afford to have FS2020 yet I enjoy this!


I don’t see Infinite Flight Simulator as expensive because similar gaming services like Xbox live costs $10 per month. That is an average subscription price. When you are using PC flight simulators, you have to purchase the computer that can handle it (at least $1000 usually), the simulator itself ($60), the joystick, throttle, pedals ($200-600), and then any additional aircraft you want to purchase for the simulator ($20-60 per aircraft). When looking at all of this, Infinite Flights pricing is waaaay better and you get access to the entire world, an interactive community, live multiplayer, and every single aircraft in the sim. Now $10 a month, that sounds like a deal. :)

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I see someone else also has a 3060ti :eyes:
Good choice, I love mine.

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Definitely, yes. Realize you actually pay less if you’re on a yearly subscription as well.


Eloquently written Kirito but I’m not surprised at all coming from you. I can honestly say, you’ve taken the words right from many others thoughts including myself. I stand with you on this 100%!

IF truly is a package deal, including the app, app features, transparency from Staff/Devs, the Community, did I mention the Community?

Thank you for writing this, much respect ✊

Levet out ✌️

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