The coolest controller and pilot in IF !

OMDB, Sat Mar 23, afternoon, wind 270/25G32, Expert server. Was doing touch and goes with the A330 when i saw this…
I think most of us would have ended the game immediatly…

But not this Pilot:
Must be from Sweden, only they would stay calm like this… i imagine him taking the hands away from the controls after touchdown, saying “ …and there she goes… will finish my tea until its over “

Must be from Sweden, i imagine him saying “ d…mn, if this guy crash lands, my freshly brewed tea becomes cold…but wait…looks like
he made it, alright, lets give him instructions “

Note:I did not know exactly where to post the video, would have choosen the humorous section but is says “…photos” .
Someone please move it to where he things it belongs to.


I agree, this must be a swedish pilot. 😂

Been there, done that…


How did he answer to controller from back of that plane!?!

Cracking landing that lad. The runway was icy I think…

good question … after all he taxiied to the apron as if nothing happened :) im sure the passengers just disembarked saying “ that was such a smooth landing , and so nice of the capatain to show us a 360 degree view of the airport “


I think that song “you can always go around” comes to mind here xD

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