The CONTROLLERS aircraft logs should persist through freq changes

This is a controller position request…

Currently If a pilot changes from say ground to tower then back to ground, the controllers ground comm log is cleared out.

It would be nice if whenever a pilot switched frequencies then returned that the logs persist.

Here’s what’s behind this request…
A pilot on ground asks for pushback at a busy airport with a ground hold in effect. The ground controller tells him to hold position, and he does, but switches to ATIS to review instructions. When he returns to ground, the ground controllers log is cleared, so the ground controller has lost the fact that the aircraft has already been told to hold position. Similar issues occur when a pilot switches from tower to ground and back to tower, and between tower and approach.

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Are you talking about the tower view or from the pilot’s view?

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Controller log should persist for continuity of service.

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No, that is not what I am talking about. Pilot’s log persisting through frequency changes:

Is it from the controller’s view or from the pilot’s view?

I added a sentence to the OP making it more clear.

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I completely agree with you @GHamsz, but even after reading the updated description, I still found it confusing. I believe this stems back to the title. When you say

Title:Pilots log should persist through freq changes”

Pilots log makes me think of the Pilots Logbook which is talked about in my feature request

I recommend changing the title to better reflect your suggestion.

What are you on about @Jonah_Saitz? 🤨

I’m done tweaking this post… the people that will benefit from it, understand what I’m asking for. If you don’t understand, then it doesn’t apply to you.


So now that the title has been changed I understand it.

Definitely a very useful feature as it can be annoying for both pilot and atc. If I control ground and I’m making a few people wait for pushback I have to admit I can’t remember always exactly who asked for what. (Obviously only when it’s busy…)
With this feature the only thing to do is click on the plane to see who asked for what. Definitely a good feature.
(There’s also the situation when an aircraft is cleared for pushback but pushes back a lot later…)

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