The Community’s Top Airmanship - Infinite Flight’s Best Pilots

The Community’s Top Airmanship

Infinite Flight’s Best Pilots

air·man·ship (/ˈermənˌSHip/)
noun - skill in flying an aircraft

This topic is to challenge you to show off your aerobatics, BFM kills (dogfighting), smooth landings and/or formation flying to your fellow community members. This is all about pushing your piloting skills to the limit!

Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Post media, preferably a video of your grand moment of airmanship below as a reply!

  • Fly Good, Don’t Suck. — Rob Holland

  • If you’re having trouble making some aerobatic magic happen, particularly in the F-22, I would go here.

  • Have Fun!


Hey Y’all! Did this cool thing with the XCub. Check it out!

Original Maneuver - The Outside-In (Infinite Flight Aerobatics) - YouTube

Practice day with the IF Blue Angels



I don’t have any media for this, nor do I think this example is the right type of airmanship, however;

I gave way to someone instead of cutting them off or racing them to the runway.

Really cool idea Nate! I’ll try something which is probably more “fit-for-purpose” next time. :)


Just a normal day at Gatwick.

  1. A380 that’s at max weight
  2. Going 650 knots
  3. Under a taxiway bridge
  4. Barrel roll

Uh, I have no words… 😶


I was thinking of Sean D. Tucker and other very different kinds of flying when I brought this up, but giving way to someone on the taxiway is pretty much exemplary. Need more pilots like you around 👍🏻


My only skills are hand flying instead of using autopilot and maybe formation flying.

I have plenty of topics with photos of formation flights if you ever want proof of that.

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my only skill is doing a my special “spin off the runway” maneuver in the SR22.

I remember seeing one guy in GAF hand-fly an F-18 across the pacific… without sleep.

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I seem to remember an A-10 going up against a tanker during a certain GAF exercise and the tanker got the splash. Thats for sure a good contender 😂

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i do aerobatics in the A380

I fly from point A to point B in a single engine turboprop and I haven’t died or killed anyone so I’ll take it 🤷‍♂️

How the hell did you get here… 😱

That man deserves an award.

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i got unbanned

Me who thought it wasn’t a thing.

Nice Topic

My skill is being able to use a joystick in Infinite Flight and failing to make a smooth landing with it.

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