The Community is Awesome!

I just want to say that this forum is awesome! There are so many great people to help you out and just talk about aviation. It’s amazing!


We are so happy you love the community! We work hard everyday to make it the best possible experience there is! There is so much to learn and really a fantastic way to meet new people. I have met countless new people here including YOU! I have learned more here than I could have ever imagined. These members have encouraged me to make a Virtual Airline, Fly my first ever Training Flight, and so much more! We all share something truly special that not many people have in common, a true love for Aviation. I have already told myself you are born to love Aviation. It’s not like a sport that you start following out of no where. You have to truly love Aviation from your heart. That is what make IFC so special. That is what makes us so unique. That is what makes us one community!

That is one of the best things I have written to date. GO IFC!


Agreed here!!! Thanks for being an awesome person here!

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Ever since i joined the forum, I never really understood. I kept getting posts removed because they were off-topic. But now I am understanding more and more about the community because of YOU guys! Thanks for making the community a great place! I wish more people could join it!

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Hey Dylan. We all think the community is awesome too! It’s such a diverse place that stands out from the rest. You can just get away from life and join 50,000+ people whenever you want,and just chat about IF and aviation!

We really hope you stick around for a long time.

Your Friend


I’m sure that I will be here for years to come!

i like the community too! its such a great place! i will be here for a lot of time. I’m on every day

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Every single person here makes up the IFC. You guys on the forum have helped me grow as a person. I feel like this is a place I cam truly socialise about aviation. I <3 you guys (:

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Teamwork mentality is what connects this organization so well. We teach and we learn from each other, we all in some way share a similar passion of aviation and this simulator whether in a commercial, general aviation or military capacity we all come together here to share our passion and drive. Truely I say this is a strong and team Oriented environment.


We are awesome aren’t me 😎

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Define an awesome community: three words: Infinite Flight Community

Thank you! Just helping the community

@Dylan_M thank you! Your the first one who commented on my AZVA thread you are a great addition to IFC and hope to see you in the skies! All the best -AZADAL

Glad you love the community.Hope you have more fun in the future

wow I never knew that …

I disagree. I hate it here. So many people who have no clue about cakes. I posted a picture about my new recipe recently and it got blocked. And everytime I ask something about baking techniques in Support you tell me I’m offtopic. I expected more of a community dedicated to cooking and baking. But you’re all just a bunch of AvGeeks talking about aviation like this is about a flight simulator…

Just kidding. We’re a great community sharing a great interest. Thank you guys and FDS. It’s always great to get here, discuss and learn something new from time to time 🤗


Did someone say Cake!?!? 🎂
Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To… wait nvm…

The community is great, definitely, I’ve learned a lot since joining and have shared my story as well, my knowledge with others, and Marc, you’re one of them who have taught me quite a lot, and especially helping me find my path of creativity again ;)

I’ll get down a short essay explaining in detail how amazing this Community really is ✌🏼


Are you serious what’s wrong with in a community where we talk about aviation , you wanna talk about cakes …🙄
You should go to a TV show and try out their.

I think he was just joking with us👍👍👍

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Lol, I know you’re joking but really you can’t expect a forum of plane lovers to not talk about planes…lmao. This community is great!

Also PM me those cake recipes 😏😜

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