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Yea like half works on md11 and the other half works on global

No we don’t need it

I just want to fly a FedEx DC10 around.

Correction, McDonald’s 11 and DeathCruiser 10 Lol. I am happy about it winning though cuz I just wanted a new plane for infinite flight, as there is thousands to add.


Same I love md11

Incorrect @Adrien @Alexgordon

Here’s your answer @ianskalko

We’re all 100% on Global for now. If it turns out we can’t meet our deadline (making a global sim on mobile is hard), we might ship another intermediate update with a plane if any is ready. Does that settle the argument? :)


Very interesting… so you have an internal deadline which you don’t tell to the public?

Thank you, sorry for the little misunderstanding.

Of course. No deadline makes developers go everywhere and start implementing stuff that might take too long :)


Wow, I really didn’t know developers could start working on something and not make a deadline in time. What would happen if you had said you were making something but didn’t release it? It really shows what a big fan base does to a developer :)

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It’s as simple as this:
“Oh yeah, doing this feature, piece of cake, I think I can be done in say… 4 weeks?”
some time later…
“Oh… yeah, I didn’t think it would be this complex… I’ll find a way to make it work…”
some time later… deadline is close to passed…
“Okay, I got it working… I’ll test on mobile now… damn, perf is not as good as what I thought… I need more time…”
some time later… deadline is here…
“Yeah, I got side tracked by another thing, the stuff I modified actually impacted other parts of the code, so I have to fix them now…”

That’s why we never give out release dates…


Ah, makes sense to me now. So basically you go through a timing process, you don’t just immediately stop working on something you’ve worked hard on. Smart thinking especially in a simulator like this where really anything realistic is possible ;)

It would make more sense to have a 727 due too (737)(___)(717)

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Your wrong there doing the md11 too your wrong

How about the md11 I saw that the devs are working on it too sinse the c 130 got released that’s when I saw that I hope the md11 will be out before may

It’ll be released when it’s released.

So we will be seeing the dc10/md11 mid year 2017?

Laura is a Dev.


ZBelle is a Pilot (A darn good one)