The community and non-aviation references

Hi peps,

So recently, I made a post the got hidden by community flags, which I can see why people would misinterprete it. But I feel it was a perfectly ok post, going along with the post that was above. I’m just saying, I’m not about to rant about the flaws of the forum, but I am saying, if you see something that you think is inappropriate, look who posted it, and what the posts above where talking about, if they are a well known community member and don’t have a reputation, then the post is most likely a reference. A popular reference in the food world, and the meme world is Gordon Ramsay, with his famous “YOU DONKEY” phrase, which can be misinterpreted, so I see where your coming from. So yeah.


Interesting, and I also see where this is coming from.

Also, thanks for putting this in the #meta category not being one of those people who will just plop something like this in the #general category. :)


Would you like to give the link to your flagged post?


I’m guessing that this comment is the focal point of the topic:

Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks “You Donkey”

I’d recommend that if its something that is open to interpretation or might be misunderstood the blur spoiler feature is a good tool to utilize to better explain your reference for those that might have difficulty understanding or relating to the subject. I for one am not familiar at all with that Gordon fellas famous quotes as I find him distasteful, ignorant and arrogant in the very few times I was flicking through channels and found him.


One more question, why was this moved to general and then back to meta?

While it was just a reference, it is still considered “name calling”. Take a look at the Forum Guidelines and it shows you why it could have been flagged.

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Because some regulars are a little confused about the categories it looks like, given #meta and #general are confused a lot. Generally speaking, if you feel you were wrongfully flagged you can always private message a moderator and they will review it for you. Before any post of yours gets hidden, it has to be approved by a moderator.


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