"The Communities Favourite In Game Approaches" IFN Article- *STAGE 2 VOTING NOW OPEN*

Do you have a view on the best approaches in Infinite flight? Want to make your view known and share these amazing approaches with others? Well for my first article with IFN I’m writing “The Communities Best Approaches” decided by you, the Community.

The voting will run in three stages

  • Stage 1- get initial ideas and votes.
  • Stage 2- Top 5 approaches per category collated and voted to gain top 3 per category (top 3 will be ordered in number of votes.
  • Stage 3- All 9 approaches put against each other to get the overall top 3 IF approaches.
    The article will then be written up and published containing the 3 categorial winners and the overall top 3, followed by any editors picks that may be added.

The article will then be written up and published containing the 3 categorial winners and the overall top 3 which can be taken from any category followed by any editors picks that may be added.

Stage 1

  • Over the next 24 hours initial ideas and votes are welcome, approaches are split into 3 different approach categories. Which are posted below.
  • Category 1- Mountain approaches- arguably one of the best types of approaches in infinite flight, the view as you descend followed by winding valley turns and more often than not a challenging landing at the end. From Switzerland to Alaska and New Zealand to Peru there are amazing mountain approaches in every corner of the globe. But which one will you choose?
  • Category 2- Non mountainous land approaches- Even without mountains approaches can still be amazing, whether it be because of the difficulty of the approach, the view or the amount of traffic you commonly see. Let us know your favourite approach.
  • Category 3- Over water approaches- These airports are nestled on coastal areas meaning your over the water on approach, KLAX runways 27 from the west are a good example of this. These approaches are often best at sunset and sunrise as the sun begins to creep over the horizon.

-Each Person has a maximum of 2 votes per approach category- ANYMORE WILL NOT BE COUNTED
-Votes in stage 1 will not be carried across to stage 2- Stage 1 is to just get initial recommendations and votes to narrow it done to 5 airports per category.

How to Vote

-Votes can be used in one of two ways-
-Option 1- Use your two votes to vote for two separate approaches per category.
-Option 2-Use your two votes to vote for one approach two times.
-Votes are to be posted on this thread only.
-Votes are to be Formatted in the following way -

  • Voting for two separate approaches*
    -Category number- Innsbruck x1 vote
    Los Angeles x1 vote
    Voting for one approach twice
    -Category number- Vancouver x2 Votes



The best approach in IF I think for me has to be Innsbruck as a mountain approach. the twisting turns in make it great to fly.

Also Hong Kong as a water approach. Nice mountains around but still a nice water approach. Lovely in sunset/sunrise.

Voting for both approaches. 1 vote for Innsbruck, 1 for Hong Kong


I really liked Aspen (KSAE) as the descent was tough coming from the north.

That’s KASE, Aspen.


Category 1, x1 vote for: Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC). Gotta watch for the hills, coming in on either runway!

Category 3, x1 vote for: Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). When you land on 8L & 8R, there is a fast dash over the ocean with a picturesque view of the mountains and the Pacific Northwest, and before you know it, you’re on the ground!

Whoops, my apologies.

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Category 1: Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC)
Category 3: San Francisco (KSFO)

Stage 1:

-Category One-

Meiringen (LSMM) - Runway 10 Approach - x1 vote (Amazing!!)

Easton State (KESW) - Runway 27 Approach - x1 vote

-Category Two-

Roswell (KROW) - Runway 03 Approach - 1x vote

Albuquerque (KABQ) - Runway 08 Approach - 1x vote (Mountain in the background)

-Category Three-

St. Maarten (TNCM) - Runway 10 Approach - x1 vote (Amazing!!)


Cancun (MMUN) - Runway 30R Approach - x1 vote


These approaches are amazing and I highly recommend that you try them! :D
(Click photos for semi full resolution) - Photos Don’t Do Justice

I don’t really know where to put the airport I’m going to choose.
I’ll assume it’s category 1.

Category 1 : 2 votes -> Kai Tak ( VHHX )

Stage 2

Over the past 24 hours we’ve got numerous brilliant ideas and suggestions which have been collated and decisions made surrounding the categories. Due to some categories being more popular than others some will have more approaches than others, we have also shifted a few approaches into different categories to even things out that little bit more.

Below are the polls for this stage of the voting which will last around 36 hours. Please vote for your single favourite airport in the individual categories. This means that you have 1 vote per poll,anymore WILL NOT BE COUNTED IN THE FINAL SCORES

Category 1-

  • Aspen Pitkin (KASE) Approach Runway 15
  • Jackson Hole (KJAC) All runways
  • Hong Kong Int (VHHH) All runways

0 voters

Category 2-

  • Roswell International Air Centre (KROW) All Runways
  • Albuquerque International Sunport (KABQ) All Runways

0 voters

Category 3-

  • Princess Juliana Airport (TNCM) Runway27
  • Cancún International Airport (MMUN) All Runways 30L and R

0 voters

Please vote for your favourite airport approach in each category. Votes will go towards the final results


For TNCM… Runway 10 is the better Water Approach (27 you cant land anything above a CCX)

May I suggest waiting for more suggestions to come in, as for two of these, all the options for voting were submitted by the same person. If I could, I would submit ideas, but it appears too late.

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Feel free to add more suggestions- Ill happily add them to the polls

Categorie 3 EHAM 2x that is a nice water approach

Approach into RJBB is amazing. 👌🏻👌🏻


The approach into Queenstown is by far my favorite approach. This one is of course a mountain approach.

The Canarsie Visual at JFK has to be my favorite over land / water approach.

Voting is now closed. All votes added after this point will not be counted. The best approaches will be colated and put into a format which will be published to our website. Those that don’t quite make it may get a special mention.

Thanks to all who voted.

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