The Colorful Moonshot

On Saturday Night, I was on a long haul group flight this weekend with @Carolina_Taylor, @Thunderbolt, @Drummer, and @Tsumia! Our route was from CYVR Vancouver to NZAA Auckland. I was using the Air New Zealand B787-9. While I was flying I got this really cool moonshot!!! And it might be my best photo ever! Without further or do let’s see the photo!!

Thanks for viewing this! I would love to hear your feedback on the photo!
Have a nice day/night!!


Nice blood moon

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Thank you!!!

Dang, that’s nice!

Great flying with you and the group.

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Thank You!! We will probably do another one soon!

Haven’t seen a moonshot in a good while. Nice one!

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Thank You!!!

Join thunderbolt and I when we land at EDDF

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It’s a sick moonshot picture 👌

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Thank You!