The Collapse Of El Al Israel Airlines // PHOTOS // Tel Aviv To Naples

Sad to see El Al stop flights. Hopefully they will rebound soon @elal-virtual LLBG flyout

  1. Over Greece**

  2. Expert Server - 3h 31min - LLBG-LIRN


Do I see…a typo?

2) Expert Server - 3h 31min - LLBG-LIRN

Anyways nice shots ;). Sad to see el al go

Oops haha, they gave a template and I forgot to remove it lol

I agree. Sad day.

Rest in Peace, El Al.

They didn’t collapse… they just stopped flying. Just like Brussels Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Kuwait Airways, and others.


It’s not over yet, they only temporarily stopped flights until they get a loan, however, it’s isn’t looking good.

Yes I hope they are able to come back stronger!

Great shots!!


Thanks. You had great shots on yours too

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Kuwait Airways hasn’t stopped flying, since corona virus the airline is returning it’s nationals from abroad, and also returning expats to their countries.

But they have stopped all commercial flights, yes?