The Clown (sorry, I meant "expert") server in 3 replay screenshots


Here we have a typical example of absolutely poor airmanship at EGLL earlier. All ready for the off, I’m BA83 in the 777-200ER. 45 minutes after pushback, I’m finally holding short runway 27R, sat patiently. It’s a busy day at EGLL on a featured ATC schedule, so you’ve got to be patient, right?
Before you know it, several aircraft have quickly taxied and have joined the runway further up at 2 other points, all requesting and hoping to get clearance first. I’m cool with that - albeit a bit cheeky.
Virgin Atlantic taxis the entire length of the runway on the inside, turning in front of all that have been waiting, right next to me. TUI who is behind me becomes both enraged with this action and impatient for waiting at the same time and taxis through me to wedge the plane under mine and between the V.A, engines revving and edging further into each other 💥
All the time, I’m patiently awaiting clearance but, alas, 10 mins later the whole area has become entangled with impatient engine revving and planes going through each other and I’ve had enough. It’s not something I want to be a part of, and I exit the planned 6 hour journey before even taking off with a wrecked plane. Enjoyment zapped ⚡️
Hats of to ATC for controlling under big pressure here, and please accept my apologies for the sudden despawn. I can only guess that the empty space I left caused the ultimate battle at the front line ⚔️

Not good times!



Looks like the Tui is giving you a free under-wing maintenance check! Better thank them!


Why is this not a violation for the TUI? He is literally taxiing into others…

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Tui should get a violation…if he has IFC account then talk to him

No account shown as far as I’m aware. I’m not too worried about taking it further, just wish that some people were a bit more patient in the first place.

How can pilots have patience when they lack common sense in the first place 🤣😭

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