The Classics FlyOut @KMSP 260100ZJAN20

This is an event similar to the idea of the ReworkThe757 event, to promote interest in a specific feature idea. In this case it is to promote the idea of adding classic aircraft such as the 727 or DC-9.



Boeing 727

Credit: Pinterest

Server: Expert

Airport: KMSP

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: If ATC is provided please follow all instructions given by the controller. If we are limited to Unicom please be responsible and use common sense.

Note: None of the destinations in this flyout are guaranteed to be real. They are just for fun.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Int’l Airport is one of the oldest still operating airports in the country making it the ideal spot for a FlyOut based on older planes.


G Gates

G2—DC-10—Air France—LFPG—
G3—B747-200—JAL—RJAA— @Boeing757
G4—B757—American (Old)—KDFW—
G10—B717—Air Tran—KBWI—

I will add more gates if needed. Feel free to reply with a change of aircraft, airline or destination.


I will take gate 3!
Nice event!

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You’ve got your flight to Tokyo Narita reserved. Thanks for coming.

Excuse me ? When is the date of the event?

This event is on the 26th of January.

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Ok thank you

@TRDubh Would you like a gate for the event?

Maybe, I’ll get back to you on that.

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Events is in 16 days! Sign up if you’re interested in flying some classic planes!

I’m thinking of doing a full on flyout with retro aircraft. Not sure where though.

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I went with MSP as it is the oldest current international airport in the us

Knowing it’s a big Delta hub, you’re not left with much ideas since there’s really only one retro Delta livery on the MD-11.

Yea. I never really go with realisticness for my FlyOuts but more of a theme. You also have the Northwest planes as MSP was their main hub.

I think I’ve come up with an idea on where to do it, not gonna reveal where.

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You interested in coming to this one to see how it goes?

It’s likely gonna be a last minute sign up, I don’t know whether or not I have a good amount of time to do so since it’s held at 1AM for me, are you making it so it’s technically for the 25th?

Yes. For me it is 1800 on the 25th

Then I likely can do an overnighter but I will see for myself closer to the day.

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3 days until the event. I am able to move it back if needed though.

  • Sure
  • Nope
  • Definitely nope

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If I were to push the date of the event back about a month and “rehost” this event would you be interested in attending?