The city of trees to canyons KBOI-KLWS

This was a group flight that I did yesterday with a couple others.

Flight details

Flight time- 46min
Cruising altitude- FL220
Aircraft- Q400
Livery- Horizon

Preparing for my flight with the Boise Ridge mountains looming in the backround.

Taking off with @heavy929 holding short.

Being escorted by @Boiseaviation on climb


Over a beautiful canyon

On descent

Gear down!

Average landing in KLWS

Parked at the gate and de boarding

Thanks for looking at these hope you like them!


Great topic but why in the world are you on grass?

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@Zhopkins KLWS hasn’t been edited by IFAET yet.

Alright. Makes sense.

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SO this airport was auto generated by only a taxiway

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How many people did participate?

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2 people participated.

Hope to do it next time In a dash 8

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