The City of Los Angeles is Suing L.A.X. and the FAA due to noise complaints

Citing concerns about airplane noise for residents in West Adams, Mid-City and surrounding neighborhoods, the city of L.A. is suing the Federal Aviation Administration to get a court to invalidate the routes jets now use to access Los Angeles International Airport.

The lawsuit follows complaints from residents in those neighborhoods who say planes are bearing down on their homes, causing a thunderous and constant commotion.

The city’s three-page petition challenges the FAA’s May 2018 publication and subsequent implementation of its “North Downwind” approach procedures to LAX.

In my opinion I think this is an overreaction, the city should know that when you have one of the most busy airports in the world, you’re bound to need to find more arrivals for aircraft as ATC needs to keep them spread out. This isn’t the first time an airport has been in trouble either. Santa Monica airport is at risk of getting shutdown because of… You guessed it! Noise complaints.

What are your thoughts on this?


That’s quite stupid to be honest,

LAX brings most of the tourists and tourists = money.

Also obviously there will be noise, its an airport!


It is stupid, but who puts airport in downtown Los Ángeles they should of thought about this when building the airport


It’s an airport. What do you expect? Your problem if you live near an airport, right? 😂


Good point, really good point.


I could not agree more with you. These people are pointlessly complaining. It’s their fault that they chose to live near an airport. It’s their fault that they hear aircrafts overflying constantly due to the fact that they live near an airport. It’s their fault that they are complaining about something that only happened as a result of them making a bad decision. I find it stupid that the city is suing the airport just because of noise. Let’s face it, if there were complaints about every airport and excessive noise, there would be very few airports around the world. These citizens are responsible for being in the know that if they will live near an airport, they will have to deal with a lot of noise from an airport. If you don’t want to hear constant airplane noise, don’t live close to an airport. It’s as simple as that.


I have to say it is a little dumb because the planes will have to go over some neighborhood at sometime to depart or arrive at KLAX. Tourism generates lots of economy in LA. If they don’t want as many tourists then the economy will go down. I currently live 1 mile from SAT and have no issue with the noise. I got used to it even when a UPS jet roars 1,500 feet above our heads.

This is so simple though, Airport? don’t live there. At least the British understand when they decided to move to Myrtle Avenue (Plane spotting heaven)

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The main responsibility goes to new residents that moves in to Los Angles. They should have that in mind that this brings in noise from nearby aircrafts. They should not sue the FAA for this issue. It should be simple. This also applies for other airports.

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Wow. This in my opinion is not needed. It’s an Airport, it will be loud. I’m sure there are still people who are Avgeeks who live near LAX and love the sound of jets roaring past or above their place of residence.

While my airport isn’t near as busy to LAX at all, Our house sits In the path of Runway 17, so every hour or so we hear jets overflying our house when landing, at 2,500 above. Biggest we get is a 767-300 from both UPS and FedEx and I hear them every night when the come in. Same when they depart 35, they overfly our house. They’re loud, but I like it.

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I wonder who are the people who chose to move next to the airport…

I am just whaaaat. You live next to the airport. What do you think, planes are loud always. The question is why did you choose to stay there knowing it will be loud. SO this is not the FAA’s problem.

Edit: I’d live next to the airport hands down. would care less since I sleep though loud sounds

I mean as aviation enthusiasts I honestly would love it, but I can get why their complaining however, what were they thinking when they bought their house?!?!

It is for the same reason that John Wayne airport has noise abatement procedures. They have very wealthy residents that complain about every little thing, and the city gives into them.


It was a very different place. Just 1.2 mil compared to the 4+ that reside there today. The aircraft were diffident, the flight paths were different, the layout of the neighborhoods were different. A little more to it than meets the eye… 😉


I mean if you aren’t an aviation enthusiast then you aren’t going to have fun with noise

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Ahhh stupid rich privilege. If you hate it so much why not move? They obviously would have the money


I would just buy noise canceling headphones or ear muffs, this is just the worst thing people could come up about because of the noise from a loud airport.

It is not really in downtown LA, it is located next to Marina Del Rey which is probably about 7 miles west of downtown. At least they don’t live by Memphis, that airport is so busy in the night.


Welcome to Cali. I think this is an over reaction by the government and is an attempt (that failed) to try and shut down the airport and drive out tourism