The City of Champions! @ CYEG 021800ZFEB20

Let’s bring The Capital of Alberta, to the rest of the World.

Server: Expert

Airport: Edmonton International (CYEG)

Time: 2020-02-02T18:00:00Z

NOTAM: We will Welcome all Pilots. Please make sure you will follow all instructions and adhere to Unicom. Always be mindful of being safe on the ground and in the air. Respect everybody around you!

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
7 Westjet 737-800 Victoria (CYYJ)
8 Swoop 737-800 (Westjet) Hamilton (CYHM)
10 Westjet 737-800 St John’s (CYYT)
12 Westjet 737-700 Winnipeg (CYWG)
14 Westjet 737-800 Halifax (CYHZ)
16 Westjet 737-800 Vancouver (CYVR)
18 Westjet 737-800 Comox (CYQQ)
49A Air Canada Express CRJ-200 YellowKnife (CYZF)
49B Central Mountain Air Dash-8 300 (Q400, Generic) Prince George(CYXS)
49C Air Canada Express Dash-8 Q400 Saskatoon (CYXE)
49D Westjet Encore Dash-8 Q400 Kelowna (CYLW)
49E Westjet Encore Dash-8 Q400 Fort McMurray (CYMM) @Zaid_Martines
49F Westjet Encore Dash-8 Q400 YellowKnife (CYZF)
49G Air Canada Express CRJ-200 Calgary (CYYC) @Alex_L
49H Air Canada Express CRJ-200 Grande Prairies (CYQU)
49I Air Canada Express CRJ-200 Regina (CYQR)
50 Air Canada Rouge A319-100 Montreal (CYUL)
52 Air Canada A319-100 Ottawa (CYOW)
54 Air Canada A321-200 Vancouver (CYVR)
56 Air Canada A330-300 Toronto(CYYZ) @James_Digby
58 Air Canada 777-200LR Toronto(CYYZ)
60 Air North 737-300 (737-700, Generic) YellowKnife (CYZF)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
62 Air Transat A321-200 (Air Canada) Huatulco (MMBT)
64A KLM A330-300 (787-9) Amsterdam (EHAM)
66 Westjet 737-800 Puerto Vallarta (MMPR)
68A Icelandair 757-200 Keflavik (BIKF)
70 Westjet 737-700 Los Cabos (MMSD)
72A Condor 767-300 (Generic) Frankfurt (EDDF)
74 Air Transat A321-200 (Air Canada) Cancun (MMUN)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
76 United 737-800 Houston (KIAH)
78 Westjet 737-700 Los Angeles (KLAX)
80 Swoop 737-800 (Westjet) Orlando (KMCO)
82 United ERJ-170 (CRJ-700) Denver (KDEN)
84 Delta CRJ-900 Minneapolis (KMSP)
86 Alaska ERJ-175 (737-900) Seattle (KSEA)
88 Air Canada Express CRJ-900 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Services Apron 4 N/A TBM N/A @Ecoops123

You may ask to change to a different destination, that fly’s out of Edmonton!



I’ll take this gate, but just be aware although almost none of your flights are affected, you’ve managed to squish yourselves between 2 large events! 😅

I agree. Maybe it’s worth moving it back a week?
Nice event though 😁

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Gate 56 please

Just fyi the -300 is closer to the -700. The -400 was the closest to the -800.

I know, just realized.


@Ecoops123 and @James_Digby got you covered!
I also moved it back to the 2nd.

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As a Westjet fan who watches a lot of Ice Pilots I’d like this flight.

@KGJT-9149, got you signed up!

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Sign up today! Experience what Canada has more to offer! Edmonton is a city not popular to most of the community!

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I went to Calgary and Toronto this year 🤷‍♂️ I didn’t reach Edmonton sadly enough 😂

Yeah I know. You missing out!

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Hopefully another time I’ll tour Canada! Rent out an RV when I’m older 😜

Get a international license first!

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Canada is in high demand of pilots and my next flying lessons starts on the 11th 🤷‍♂️🤔

I still dont know which Airline I should do, Westjet for the 787 or Air Canada for the CS300. This also causes me to think I should move out of Calgary to Montreal or stay…

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Can i get gate 49E to CYMM with the dash 8 q400 Wastjet Encore

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I’d want to live in Vancouver and work for Air Canada, and well the CS-3… cough A220 is new and upcoming, I can’t wait for it to be added into IF one day!

If you want to continue this discussion please pay a monthly subscription to (not a link)

Just joking… Although on a serious note if you want to chat more which I’m happy to, then PM me

Please stay in the UK. Only CS300 believers go to Canada.

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Bombardier is my favourite company. I hate Airbus for buying them out 🤷‍♂️


I’m not replying now, I don’t want to wake up to 50 flags of ‘off-topic’ 😂

It’s almost 3am and I’m playing Train Sim 2020. Oof.