The Cirrus Life // KRYN-KGCN

It’s GA day! I decided to fly the Cirrus SR22 instead of the fancy reworked GA planes, got some great views at 12000ft flying north from Ryan Airfield (KRYN) to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN)!

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Flight time- 1hr 13mins
Route- KYRN to KGCN
Cruising altitude- 12000ft
Aircraft- Cirrus SR22

  1. Parked at KGCN with the stunning Cirrus SR22

  1. Line up and wait with an XCub taxiing to parking

  1. Departing out of Ryan Airfield. Takeoff was really bad as i nearly skid of the runway but recovered quickly, to the pilots on the ground you saw nothing!

  1. Climbing to 12000ft

  1. Tail view as we fly over Apache Junction (somewhere near Phoenix)

  1. Flying over some mountains

  1. Cabin view!

  1. Descending with the Sunset Crater Volcano in the background

  1. Final runway 03

  1. Parked in KGCN

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Grand canyon should be an amazing place for GA!!

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Yes it is!