The Chinese Paro Airport - Nyingchi

So the other day I was on FR24 looking for some interesting airports and I found one in China named Nyingchi. (ZUNZ) This airport is 9560ft above sea level, there was no runway distance shown on FR24 but I measured it in google earth and I think it’s around 10,000ft in length.

The airport looked quite promising so I decided to do a flight here.

I took off from Xichang (ZUXC) which also is a beautiful airport! Sichuan Airlines offer scheduled flights from here to Nyingchi in their a319. I used the generic livery since we don’t have the Sichuan Airlines livery.

Making an immediate left turn after our departure from ZUXC. Our flight time is expected to be just over an hour.

The entire flight was just cruising over the Himalayan mountains, it was truly breathtaking.

The approach into Nyingchi is extremely difficult. You have to navigate your way carefully through the mountains. Yes I almost crashed into them during my approach! There are no STARS for this airport either or even any fixes or waypoints around this airport which made it more difficult.

We’ve finally made it through the tight gaps in the mountains and we have ZUNZ ahead of us and it’s 10000ft runway which isn’t a lot when you consider this airport is 9560ft above sea level.

We safely landed our a319 into this truly remarkable airport in 1 hour and 11 minutes. I’ve done the approach into Paro several times over my years of playing IF but I have to say this approach was even more difficult than Paro’s because there was no STAR or any waypoints to make an approach into this airport. It’s just you and the plane when it comes to landing here. If you a person that likes exotic airports or challenging approaches I highly recommend you try this airport!


Linzhi is a very interesting airport with terrain, and just as you have mentioned there is no STAR and fixes, for me I used @AdamCallow 's software to made a custom Approach FPL. Last but not least, nice shots!

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It truly is breathtaking

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Been knowing this airport for a while by it terrain. Nice shots!


After seeing your post I immediately went and started looking for charts and potential flights I could do, so I settled with Chengdu - Nyingchi with Air China

As @XuanyanYe said above, there were no fixes so I made a custom FPL for the approach

The Flightplan for the approach:

LiveFlight tracking of my flight:

Super fun approach! I might even go to say that this one is more fun than Paro ;) Nice photos and thanks for sharing

@AZ001 here’s the FPL (You’re gonna need to just delete/edit some of them as some of the coordinates are not rounded when copied manually)

Flight plan

3002N/9501E 3000N/9457E 2959N/9453E 2958N/9450E 2955N/9447E 2952N/9446E 2949N/9446E 2946N/9447E 2944N/9450E 2941N/9452E 2939N/9453E 2936N/9453E 2933N/9452E 2931N/9450E 2929N/9447E 2928N/9444E 2928N/9440E 2929N/9437E 2929N/9434E 2928N/9432E 2926N/9428E 2924N/9426E 2922N/9425E 2920N/9424E 2920N/9423E 2919N/9421E


ZUNZ is a lot of fun! You can also use the Air China B757, which operated routes there before

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I shall consider this challenge :)

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Wow a 757 has flew here before!? That is extremely impressive

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Any chance you can share that custom FP? I really want to test it out😅

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Thanks! I will build a flp and test it out!

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That is… A LOT of fixes

Hey @Logan_Lee I have a video dropping soon, flying into Nyingchi after multiple attempts, due to the app randomly crashing.