The Chinese Innsbruck, but better

Hello everyone,
Earlier today I decided to fly in China as it’s a region I rarely visit in IF. I didn’t want to do one of the dull coastal flights to Shanghai or somewhere, so I looked around for a bit for a route, and found an Air China route from Nyingchi in the mountainous south of the country to the regional capital of Chengdu.

I was to discover it was an absolute gem of a route.


Some stunning mountains on the departure from Nyingchi

The passengers enjoying the views

The color of the lake makes this 😮‍💨

Not sure whether I like this or not, but some less snowy hills on our journey through southern China

Descent into Chengdu

Thanks so much for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


Route - ZUNZ ~ ZUUU
Air China A319


Cool pics!

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Some beautiful mountains there, great photos!

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Absolutely stunningly beautiful can’t believe my eyes Hugh you’re an absolute beast at IF photography x

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Thank you!

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Yeah they really are stunning, thank you!

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Cheers Patricia x

I made a post about this airport a couple months ago calling it ‘the Chinese Paro airport’ because the approach reminded me so much of Paro but even more challenging! Highly recommend to try the approach into ZUNZ! It’s definitely a gem of an airport

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Yeah it’s a cool place to fly into thats for sure!

That looks super cool! Thank you for the photos. I’m duplicating this flight

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Hello nice Pictures but sorry nothing could be better than LOWI and the amazing approaches.

Sorry. Habe a great day and beat wishes from AUSTRIA


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Thank you so much!

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Salzburg isn’t too bad, too ^^