The chili pepper

Hey there, if you like chili peppers and planes this is the topic for you!
In this topic we’re gonna talk about the chili plane.
It has a nice pepper on its tail so buckle up cuz here we go!

So I flew Colombo-Doha. Since ATC coverage was in Colombo and I was too lazy to fly to London or something (I wanted to do a medium haul)
I flew to Doha, it had nice approach and wasn’t as busy as OMDB.
I’m sorry about blurry liveries, I couldn’t do anything about it
Enjoy :)

Flight details

Colombo 🇱🇰 - Doha 🇶🇦
Sri Lankan a330
Flight time was around 4 hours

Taxiing to runway

Gear up

Hello there

Exiting runway

At gate

Thanks for viewing, ciao✌️


Hmm, I wonder if @NoahM’s post inspired you to do this flight. Great pictures btw 👌👍


Wow, very cool photos! Great job! I love the contrast between the blue and red underbellies.

Incredible shot!

They are fabulous pictures!!!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie maybe👀

Thanks @Luke_King-kong, @Shane and @lucaviness :)


Wow those are beautiful photos. I like how there are mother aircraft in them too. Great job!!!

Thank you😊

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Great photos once again, @Infinite_Qantas! I’m not in the mood for eating chili peppers though, too spicy. 🌶 😛

Awesome shots!

It’s a peacock, not a pepper

Definitely some of your best pics. Great work!

I’m not in the mood either, but maybe when I’m older I’ll eat more spices

Thanks @Ishrion, maybe it’s a peacock eating a pepper 😆

Gracias señor @Sashaz55

They are some nice screenshots 🥵😍 but it’s spelt chilli 😉😁

Oh, my bad

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Nah it’s fine haha, just pointing it out