The Chicago Skyline

Hi there! This will be my first post as a member, since I recently received it minutes ago (lol). I’ve been meaning to share these photos in RWA but I haven’t had the chance to. This was taken in late May of this year and features the Chicago skyline. Enjoy!

These pictures were possible because of our arrival into Chicago Midway. So, if you’re ever going there, better hope you get a view like this 🙌🏻


Glad you flew southwest! Excellent choice. I’ve flown to Chicago a number of times (Midway). MDW has a spectacular view of downtown on approach. Did you mean to say midway? Southwest doesn’t fly to O’hare, unless you got diverted. Anyways congrats on becoming a member!


Oh, I meant midway. Oops. And thank you for the congrats :)


Great pics. Usually ORD has an approach that takes you right over downtown Chicago.


Yeah nothing beats the Chicago approach.The best is from Chicago-O’Hare airport,coming in over the lake.


Love flying into Chitown.

Best arrival however is the Benky Five arrival to 28C into ORD. You will go right over Sears Tower.


Now that’s awesome 😎😎😆

If you ever fly into O’hare with the winds blowing to the east (so landing on 27R, 27L, 28R, 28C, or 28L) you’ll get a great view of down town.


I have been there a couple times… It sure is great! I love the skyline!


An old pic, but kinda gets my point across :)


These pictures look awesome!

Although have this in mind that we have a separate thread for that:

I love how you call it the Sears tower,its willis tower now.
You must be Chicago based,alot of the locals still call it that.
Nice stuff


Dang! You are right! Not a Chicago guy, but went to school 2hrs south of Chicago. Used to spend a lot of weekends in Chitown. I guess one could say it was home for 5 years.

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Southwest blue livery. Don’t ask why I said that but it is beautiful

That Midway approach flies over my vacation home, at FL080. Most arrivals are Southwest 737-700s. Some O’hare traffic use the same approach vector, but at FL160, so I don’t see them during the day.

University of Illinois ?!??

that Last picture I have a very similar one. Except it’s in the heart livery

Just beautiful buddy

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Yup. Good ’ ol UofI Urbana Champaign


Thanks mate. It’s a beautiful arrival every time