The Chasedown of Hammond | F-22 Race, Grand Tour Style

Hey Everyone!

Oh boy, another screenshots topic. I’m just loving having to pump these out, to improve my abilities to make the best shots! Anyway, so last night, @Suhas and I decided to do a bit of messing around in F-22s in CS. He challenged me to aa race to Las Vegas, I accepted. We decided to cross the entire country, just like the Grand Tour. Who won? Hammond. Hammond vs. Clarkson, begin!

Server: Casual
Flight time: Just a couple hours

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I’ll see you all later!


I can be May next time if you want.
Another Old Top Gear / Grand Tour fan on the community!


Ya, I was about to say do we want Clarkson in a raptor. May might at least be able to get it going, and there’s no clifs for Hammond to drive off so they might be fine, but Clarkson though 😬

If he got it off the ground it might just get more scary 😳


So you either have really good photo taking and editing skills, or there’s magic at work. Amazing photo!

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I’m a wizard 😊

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Just FYI y’all Hammond won 6-0 💅😛

Nice shot @Tsumia! Like really nice! It was fun beating you 🤩

EDIT: another FYI… let’s just say Clarkson had issues landing 😏

hammond you idiot

Thanks everyone for the support!

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oh my the top gear references
I used to watch the old shows when I couldn’t sleep from jet lag.

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Hammond! Great shots also.

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Some one should do a race from New York to Buffalo. One in a C172 flying at near stall speed, and someone else in a JetBlue E-190…
Sweet shot!

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