The Charming TUNIS FLY-IN

Welcome to Tunis 🇹🇳! The largest city of Tunisia and it’s capital. Known for it’s vibrant medina and souks, its rich history, the blue and white picturesque village of Sidi Bou Saïd and the legacy of the ancient city of Carthage and the various civilizations that came after, it is currently serving as a hub for Tunisair and Nouvelair. The airport welcomes 26 airlines from Europe, Africa and the Middle East:

And of course, there’s the flag carrier Tunisair which operates more than 42 routes in 24 countries from Tunisia, and which operates the only transatlantic flight: Tunis (TUN) to Montreal (YUL), coming close is Nouvelair, a private Tunisian airline.

Server: Expert

Airport: Tunis-Carthage International Airport, TUN, DTTA

Time: ** 2024-04-14T13:30:00Z2024-04-14T13:30:00Z**

Possible Routes:

From Algiers (DAAG) | Tunisair A319 | Air Algerie 737-800
From Munich (EDDM) | Lufthansa A320/A321| Tunisair A319
From Malta (LMML) | Tunisair Express CRJ-900
From Paris (LFPG) | Air France A320
From Casablanca (GMMN) | Tunisair A319 | Royal Air Maroc 737-800
From Lyon (LFLL) | Tunisair A319 | Transavia 737-800
From Rome (LIRF) | ITA (Alitalia) A321 | Tunisair A319
From Doha (OTHH) | Qatar Airways B77W or Oman Air A330
From Dubai (ODMB) | Emirates B77W
From Montreal (CYUL) | Tunisair A330
From Abidjan (DIAP) | Tunisair A319
From Madrid (LEMD) | Air Europa 737-800
From Nouakchott (GQNO) | Mauritania Airlines E175 | Tunisair A319
From Istanbul (LFPG) | Turkish A321 | Tunisair A319
From Athens (LGAV) | Aegean A320
From Naples (LEN) | Tunisair Express CRJ-900

@AirEuropaVirtual | Madrid (LEMD) to Tunis (DTTA) | B737
@QatariVirtual | Doha (OTTH) to Tunis (DTTA) | B77W

This event is open to all and to VAs aswell! Hope to see Tunis busy!


Hello there! Would you like gate assignments at your event? If so, PM me.

He has gate assignments…


I only see recommended routes. No gates or assigned routes.

Honestly just leave the event creator alone. If they wanted gate assignments they would’ve asked for help already. I get you’re trying to help, but you don’t need to be posting this on every topic. I get you’re trying to help but not everyone is looking for it. If people want help they will reach out to you I’m sure.


Really? Because half the PMs I get are from hosts who want them but are scared to ask for help. If someone doesn’t want gates then they either tell me no or ignore me. Nothing’s wrong with either of those.

Did they specifically say in the DM they are scared for help?

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A month ago I got one that said “I want gates but don’t want make public question”. Anyways let’s not move this thread off-topic, PM me if you have any other questions.

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I’ve actually decided not to create gate assignements, to keep this event free and open to all.

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Will join you by Saudia from Jeddah airport. See you there!

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Awesome! Enjoy the flight!

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This event will be postponed, it will take place next month!

I am pleased to announce that @AirEuropaVirtual will be joining the event with their elegant B737 from Madrid! See you there

It should be a fun event!👋🛬

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Yet another VA will join the event, I’m glad to report that @QatariVirtual will join Tunis from Doha on the heavy B77W!


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