The Challenge Thread

KSFO-FAOR in a 737-700 BBJ

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That’s good

Do a flight from EDDF to UUDD upside down.

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650 km/h at 4 meters from the sea :0

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“I mean… we stopped!” xD

Land in EP2

Any plane is good, even the XCub is a challenge

I have done it in the A318 (not smoothly, barely got away with it), does that count?

Land at SPIP Runway 05 with any Plane ;)

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What the hell even is that airport 😳 I just spawned at it there to check it out 🤯🤯

In an F22, spawn at VNLK and fly through the mountains 20ft above the ground

Going 0G (0 gravity) in a flight. I did this recently and the plane bounced off the ground.

Let’s revive this topic…

I challenge to play Fortnite with the Staff/Dev team, while you are flying the XCUB to space