The CES 2020 Charter

Annnndddddddd it’s screenshot time! 🤪

You should’ve known that I was gonna make one of these for KLAS becoming a hub today. I flew the CES Electronic Convention 2020 charter route by Delta who flew their A350’s into Vegas from Seoul, South Korea for a week. The route takes around 11 hours and takes participants in the Electronic Convention. Many airlines like Air France and even La Champagne fly into Vegas.

Starting off the flight as @Krypton leaves for Vegas on his Korean Air 772 and I line up and wait

A sunset departure out of Seoul and a turn left over Seoul initiates.

The moon just vibing at a quarter moon phase

The setting sun as we pass over the country of the “Rising Sun.”

Im gonna act like we didn’t skip 8 hours over the Pacific Ocean at night and now we are over the Norcal west coast. Mount Shasta is gleaming in the back and the horizon is visible on the fuselage.

The low clouds surround Yosemite National Park

The Sunset 4 arrival that passes directly over my neighborhood.

A noice parallel arrival into Vegas but I’m still unhappy to see all these 26R arrivals 😔

My ItsBlitz style shot on short final

Thanks for reading! Safe floghts and land 26L and not 26R or I’ll show up at your house with the banhammer 😊


Oh, hello there.

Nice shots! :)


I saw ya flying this flight!

Nice photos!


Awesome photos you got there, @Kamryn!

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Those photos are insanely good!! Well done!

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@Kamryn those are beautiful pictures! 1 and 6 are fantastic 😍


The 1st shot with pilots visible, the short final photo & the magnificent A350!! Nothing more is expected… 😍😍

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