The cause of the delay

I’m doing a research.
The reason is very simple I’m checking the hardware of my phone and my computer to generate a better performance of my Infinite.
can you help me?
Just tell me if your devices have suffer delay, especially when in over-crowded airports.
Thank you all for responding.
Ps: It is a private project, I do not want solutions or discussions.
thank you.

Yes it does, I have to set the show planes to low

Are you sure your project isn’t basically the same thing as the Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!?

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@racerclc this is a project just to improve his, not see the general compadability on a new device. I see where your coming from though


yes, I use computer

Well, in that case, I use an iPad 6th Generation (2018). It doesn’t ever lag, even when graphics are maxed out and Limit Frame Rate has been turned off. I occasionally receive “low device memory” warnings, but the performance remains good despite the notice.

Yes just my device, both mobile and my computer I use both. But I have no parameter to compare because I’m single with computer. I have a theory so the question.

yes, thanks i have ipad but never used em I.F.

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Would anyone know if the delay is longer than 5 seconds?
For those who have ipad the same question if there is.

Delay of what? Comm? Operating? Video, audio?

video and audio.
time per seconds

I had a computer assembler and one of the things I did very much in contact with manufacturers was to check the compatibility of parts. I recently saw with a delay problem that I believe to be not a memory problem but from another location so the question I am recreating this hardware to see the origin of my problem and I leave even better my I.F… Sorry for not being clearer but I’m still looking for the answer.

Your ipad warms up a lot?
I say the heat does not delay processing?

i have the same ipad but i don’t switch off “Limit Frame Rate” other than that i play on max graphic settings no lag or delay at all.

with “Limit Frame Rate” turned on and brightness a bit low and volume low, the device doesn’t warm up at all.

MAX graphic settings.

My IPad Pro gets hot, that’s downside of tablet and mobile devices. There’s no proper cooling.

My I.F. in computer works very well but the delay is something interesting because I realize that the processor heats the advantage is I can change the cooler but this delay I do not think it is heating I’m still looking at the monitor and other device.
When I solved the problem of ETS2 on weak PC’s it was something like that.
But really I see a delay of voice and video happens sometimes but especially when the airport is very full.

With some information from you I’m going to take tests today.
thank you friends.

Slightly. The heat doesn’t seem to cause any noticeable delay.
Forgot to mention, when I’m flying, I also have IF Assisstant, IF Passengers, and IF-Operations running in the background. Having all these apps open is probably the reason for the low memory warning.

Look I’m testing a new thing simple thing, but I’ve seen a better result. If I am sure keypad video devices also cause delay but then there is a hardware and software issue that I can explain later.