The Caribbean

All of these shots were taken in solo mode around various airports in the Caribbean at high altitudes

Let me know your thoughts on these!


Those are some superb shots!

The tortoise blue scenery looks very beautiful. Can’t wait to fly around there whenever I have the time! 👍


Why are you taking pictures from Google Earth? JK, great photos!!

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It sure it beautiful there!

Stealing my idea 😠

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk You totally should! The blue waters are amazing!

@Jrpilot5 Thank you!

@PilotDog Thanks!

@Altaria55 I was going to mention that I got the idea from you😂


I think you can just say it’s the Bahamas…

Beautiful beautiful shots!

I think it was in the Caribbean…😂

Thanks! I am glad you like them!

It is in the Caribbean, but it’s exclusively Bahamas.