The “Caribbean” of Japan

Join me in discovering the Okinawa prefecture, the southernmost subtropical islands of Japan!

ANA’s flight NH1731 is usually operated by A20N/73H a/c but I chose to fly my favorite narrowbody - the A321. It takes off from Osaka Kansai (KIX/RJBB) and lands nearly 2 hours later in Naha Airport (OKA/ROAH).

Hope you enjoy the photos!

× Lining up runway 06R @KIX with a full load of pax C8Y186 ×

× Airborne and slightly offtrack due to strong crosswind ×

× Banking right over the city of Osaka ×

× Seems to be a busy, misty morning ×

× Clearly the FO is overwhelmed by the view - airport in sight also ×

× Soon after you will see Kyushu island’s mountains and start reaching exotic land ×

× Reeeeally exotic! ×

× Good inspiration for island hopping in a Cessna ×

× Island of Naha right ahead, flaps lowered to 1 for speed reduction ×

× 31kt strong crosswind and we have reached Naha ×

Thanks for stopping by!


Nice pictures.

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Great photos. The photos of you in the air over Okinawa are just awesome.

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Nice photos

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@CheapJedi… MaxSez; Thanks for the memory. Flew out of Fatima (Okinawa)) with MAG-24 for a few years back in the day. Know the Reto Groups from the JP mainland to Taiwan regularly. Consider the region a little paradise with excellent flying Wx (except during Typhoon Season) and superb local full service aerodromes E/W. Fly IF in the region regularly, be lookin for ya! マックス

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Great tips, Max! Be sure to find me at least once a week at Ishigaki doing patterns in IF. Or… trying to, the winds are so strong!

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