The Captain’s Covid Travels

Well before Covid happened, my family and some friends of ours planned a big trip to Glacier Park in Montana, USA. Since cases were so low there, and since we were only going to do outside activities, we decided to still go ahead and go! Here are some shots of our flights throughout the trip:

First leg: KPBI (Palm Beach) - KDFW(Dallas) American 737-800

Blasting out of PBI!

Approach into DFW bellow the clouds

Nice American 787 at the gate

Second leg: KDFW(Dallas) - KBZN(Bozeman) American 737-800

Lined up and waiting for takeoff clearance!

Amazing approach into Bozeman-Yellowstone

Nice little Alaskan Dash-8 at the gate

I thought this sign was funny 😂

Heading home!
Third leg: KBZN(Bozeman) - KLGB(Long Beach) jetBlue A320

Second in line behind delta heading to MSP

Soaring over Salt Lake 😍

Flying over McCarran Airport and the Vegas Strip!

Parked in Long Beach for most likely my last flight ever to this amazing airport due to jetBlue moving flights to LAX 😕

Quick drive to LAX
Leg 4: KLAX(Los Angeles)🏖 - KFLL(Ft. Lauderdale)🏖 jetBlue A321

Frontier A320 taxiing to 25R

Departing an overcast SoCal

After a long flight, a stunning night approach into FLL

Finally after a long day of travel, we’re back home at FLL!

Hope you liked the pictures!


I hope you wore a mask! Nice pictures though

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I’m glad you decided to come to Montana! Glacier national park is beautiful isn’t it. I live down in Missoula just two hours away from glacier and three hours away from bozeman where you landed. American Airlines also has service to the much closer glacier park kalispell international airport, did you know that?

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those are some nice pictures

but still...


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Those are some amazing pics right there! Seems so much fun!

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That’s awesome, I drove right through Missoula when I drove from Bozeman. I did know that they have an airport at Glacier National, but there was some problem with dropping off the rental car at Bozeman.(we non-reved on jetBlue to get home)

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Of course we did!

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If you come to Montana again, I recommend flying to Kalispell or Missoula (my personal favorite) if you are going to glacier or to Bozeman again if you want to try Yellowstone National park.

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Good man! 👏

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